A Quick and Simple Apple Pie Recipe for Busy Home Bakers

For novice bakers, there is no better recipe than an apple pie, which is rich in history and tradition in the kitchen. But remembering to get the fundamentals correct is essential if you want to make this classic. If you follow our recipe, you can create the best apple pie ever without lifting a finger. 

Pies are a traditional American dessert. And the most humble pie of them all is the apple pie. It's the pie that everyone loves and adores the most. Because it is a simple dessert to make, it is also the first dessert that many young people try baking at home. This meal has a way of warming people's hearts all over the globe with its nostalgic and comforting flavours. The flaky, golden-brown crust and sweet, cinnamon-spiced apple filling are the trademarks of this renowned delicacy. 

Having said that, it's not your average dessert. As the saying goes, "as American as apple pie." It's a culinary gem that represents American heritage and culture. You can always count on seeing a freshly baked apple pie at any social gathering, whether it's a neighbourhood potluck or a holiday feast. Whether it's the process of peeling and slicing apples or rolling out the ideal crust, each step of these recipes offers a chance to connect with one's culinary background. 


For the pie crust: 

2 ½ cups all-purpose flour, plus more to dust 

½ tbsp granulated sugar 

½ tsp sea salt 

2 sticks cold unsalted butter 

7 tbsp ice water 

For the filling: 

7 cups thinly sliced apples, peeled, cored 

1 ½ tsp cinnamon 

8 tbsp unsalted butter 

3 tbsp all-purpose flour 

¼ cup water 

1 cup granulated sugar 

1 egg 

Method: In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar, and salt.To create coarse crumbs, add the diced butter. Make sure the mixture stays dry and powdery. To create a coarse ball, simply add around 6-7 tablespoons of iced water to the mixture and mix everything together. You can start by dividing the dough ball into two equal parts. Then, gently flatten each part into a disc shape. Wrap them in plastic and place them in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Begin preheating the oven as you prepare the filling. To melt the butter, place it in a small saucepan and heat it over medium heat. Once the butter has melted, add the flour to the saucepan while continuously whisking. You can start by adding the water and sugar to a pot and then bring it to a boil. Make sure to whisk it continuously while it's boiling. Allow it to cool down. Take the time to peel the apples, remove their cores, and thinly slice them. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on top and gently mix the slices until they are evenly coated with the powder. Evenly distribute the butter and sugar sauce that was made earlier onto the apple slices. To get started, lightly dust your work surface with flour. Then, take one of the pie crusts and gently roll it out into a circular shape. Carefully place the dough around the rolling pin, allowing you to easily transfer it to the pie plate. Carefully place it on, making sure to be mindful of the edges of the crust. 

Carefully spoon the apple mixture into the pie-lined plate, arranging it in a pattern that you prefer. Take the second crust and gently roll it out. Use a knife or a pastry cutter to shape it into any design you prefer. You can create strips to make lines or a weave pattern, or perhaps opt for simple circles, diagonals, or any other shape that sparks your creativity. Let your imagination guide you in this delicious attempt. Place the strips or any other shapes you have on top of the pie as a covering. First, beat the egg until it's nice and smooth. Then, add a little bit of water to the egg mixture. Finally, gently brush the top of the pie with the egg wash, making sure to cover the surface evenly. 

Bake the dish for about 15 minutes, then lower the heat and keep baking for approximately 45 minutes or until you see the filling bubbling. Allow it to cool at room temperature for one hour before serving.