Unlock The Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich's History
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Welcome to our special PB&J Day crossword puzzle! Today, we dive into the delicious history of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Discover the fascinating origins and iconic evolution of this beloved treat as you solve the puzzle.



3. Fancy spots where high society nibbled on nutty spreads (3-4)

4. Military issue that often included a sweet and nutty sandwich (6)

5. Cutting edge invention that changed bakeries forever (6)

8. She penned the first known recipe combining peanut butter and jelly (8)

9. World's Fair where peanut butter stepped into the spotlight (4)


1. First name of the man who made sure bread was ready for sandwiches (4)

2. Spread popularised during WWI, named somewhat like a fruit marmalade (9)

6. Last name of a man who moved from corn flakes to peanut meals (7)

7. Early doctor who prescribed a nutty paste for his patients (6)


Across: 3. Tea-Room; 4. Ration; 5. Slicer; 8. Chandler; 9. Expo

Down: 1. Otto; 2. Grapelade; 6. Kellogg; 7. Straub


If you've solved all the clues, congratulations, you're a true PB&J aficionado! Not quite there? No worries, every sandwich has its crust, and there's always next year to spread your knowledge further and master the PB&J lore.