A Magical Dining Experience With The World's Smallest Chef

The world of Le Petit Chef is an extraordinary dining experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining. And yes, Shangri-La Delhi has brought the world’s smallest chef to the city. After having travelled across the globe Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, London, and more, Le Petit chef is now showcasing his orchestrated in the capital. From the moment you step into our world, you will be transported into a realm of culinary enchantment, where your senses will be tantalized, and your taste buds delighted.

The Adventure Begins:

As you settle into your seat, you see a high-tech projector suspended above your table. The room darkens, and a hush falls over the crowd. Suddenly, the table comes to life as an animated story begins to unfold. Meet Le Petit Chef, a charming, 6 cm pint-sized French culinary genius, who dreams of becoming a masterchef. And as the five-course classic European dinning experience begins he is projected onto your table, along with an environment that corresponds to each course. With the interactive storytelling technology, Le Petit Chef takes you on a journey across the globe, exploring the origins of various cuisines. Each course is a new destination, and you'll be mesmerized as the table transforms into a canvas for his culinary artistry.

The meal started with salad which saw the French Connection with some Fresh Burrata - Basil dust with textures of tomatoes, plum compote, 24-carat gold, that saw a delicate symphony of flavours curated with much precision and flair. This was followed by the soup

Seafood Bisque, Lagoon squid, prawns, fish, wild-caught scallop, sea urchin, Garlic & cheese crostini which masterfully brought the essence of fresh seafood on a plate. Amidst all the gourmet experiences, little Le Petit Chef kept the audience hooked to some of the incredible theatrics with almost two-minute-long animation, and as human servers came with each course closely resembling what Le Petit Chef just made.

The mains saw Truffle Chicken Ballontine, potato, mushroom, cream spinach sauce, Chicken jus, and fresh black truffle followed by the Baked Lobster Thermidor - ‘Sous vide’ Lobster, Seafood risotto, lobster sauce, beluga caviar. Not just the meal but the whole orchestra around how Le Petit caught hold of that wonderful Lobster for the table si surely worth the watch. Not a single dull moment when you dine with Le Petit chef.

The meal ends with some Crème Brulee; topped with Almond biscotti | Fresh blueberry | strawberry

An Unforgettable Experience:

Le Petit Chef Dining Experience is not just a meal; it's a story that unfolds right before your eyes. The fusion of innovative 3D projection technology and gourmet cuisine creates an unparalleled dining experience that you will cherish forever. Every course is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the flavors are as delightful as the presentation.