A KitKat Bar Sharpened To Slice A Tomato, Say What? Don’t React Before You Watch The Viral Hack
Image Credit: Source: Screengrabs of viral video/Instagram

These days, anything that amazes or astonishes the netizens has the potential to go viral. The bizarre food combinations have already left us in shock, from fanta maggi to oreo pakoda and Ferrero Rocher manchurian. Some were fascinated with these strange food experiments while others condemned them and were disgusted at the abominations. However, there is a flip side of the coin too. There have been several food hacks that have gone viral in the past and have actually worked. Chefs like Saransh Goila have shared several easy hacks such as peeling garlic, chopping onions etc. 

Quite recently, we came across a new hack that has been creating a rage on the Internet. Cutting tomatoes using a KitKat bar. Oh yes, we aren’t kidding. A user who goes by the name, @whathowhystudio, took to his Instagram account to share the short reel. Here, take a look. 

Source: Whathowhystudio/Instagram 

In this video, the man is seen taking a bar of KitKat and sharpening it by rubbing it across a stone meant for sharpening knives. Once the bar has been adequately sharpened, he places a tomato on the chopping board and cuts the tomato into half. Surprisingly, throughout the video most people don’t expect this technique to work but the end result has left everyone amazed as can be seen in the reactions of the online users in the comments section. Some even go further to wonder whether he ate that KitKat bar after slathering it in tomato pulp. Well, we guess we’ll never know that but what we can do is that try some delicious KitKat recipes which do not have tomatoes or any sharpening involved. 

Here are some of them. 

1.  Giant KitKat Chunky With Peanut Butter 

Why stick to small KitKat bars when you can go big with this KitKat chunky recipe. Layered with peanut butter in the center, the huge bar of KitKat can be sliced and eaten away. To make this giant recipe, you need hazelnut cream wafer biscuits and broken milk chocolate, just two ingredients can you believe that? 

2.  Mini KitKat Fries 

Wait till you hear us out. This is not another cringey food experiment like the ones you’ve seen in the past. These KitKat fries are truly a delight and utterly delicious. Mini KitKats are dipped in a creamy pancake batter made of cornflour, baking powder and maida and deep-fried till they turn golden brown. Let them cool down a bit and once you crack open one, be ready for an outpour chocolate lava. 

3.  KitKat Chocolate Overload Cake 

At first, when you look at this cake it seems so colourful and eye-catching. Then when you twirl it around, you notice that it is bounded by the chocolatey KitKat sticks and filled with chocolate on the inside too. If this is not an overload, we don’t know what is.