A Guide To Pairing Cookies And Cocktails Perfectly

Whether it is the caramel notes of bourbon or the botanical essence of gin, most spirits can be paired with certain cookies, creating a symphony of texture and tastes for you to relish.  Not only does this unusual but fun pairing offer a novel and enjoyable tasting experience, but also pays homage to the rich history in cocktail culture that embraces the comfort and nostalgia associated with cookies.


Most bourbon have notes of caramel and vanilla that complement the buttery richness of butter or nut-heavy cookies. The subtle oak flavours of bourbon also complement the nutty sweetness of the baked confection like a lemon shortbread, ideal to enjoy with an old fashioned – since the bitters will be mellowed out by the lemony kick and richness of the cookie. Similarly, pair a whiskey sour with pecan cookies because the tanginess of the former tastes great with the sweetness of the latter.


Smooth and herbaceous gins mixed with tonic highlights its botanical and zesty nature; hence picking a citrus-flavoured cookie can be the perfect marriage with the spirit. In fact, the classic cocktail’s crispness cuts through the zest of lemon cookies, offering a refreshing contrast.


If dark rums are what you prefer, make the most of their warmth and natural sweetness with spices like ginger and cinnamon, as well as the rich tones of chocolate. Pair a daiquiri with ginger snap cookies or cinnamon cookies for a contrast between the sugary drink and the mild, spicy kick of ginger. Similarly, a rum punch works well with tropical flavours or rich chocolate chip cookies.

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Single Malts

Robust single malt whiskies have deep, smoky notes with secondary caramel flavours; pair them with dark chocolate, zesty fruit essences like orange or pineapple, and nuts. For example, sip on a refreshing mint julep with chocolate chip cookies or chocolate-orange cookies. Experiment further by pairing a classic whiskey sour with simple sugar cookies or any that have been infused with some lime or orange zest.

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The clean and neutral profile of vodka allows the delicate sweetness of almost all kinds of cookies shine, which is why experimenting with all sorts of pairings work for vodka cocktails. The spirit acts as a canvas and enhances the sugary confection’s subtleties but if you do need to start somewhere, pair the Moscow mule cocktail with pecan butter cookies, or a vodka martini with sugar cookies for a delicious experience.


Renowned for their distinctive agave notes presents a very creative opportunity to pair tequila with an array of cookies, since the earthy sweetness and complexity of tequila offers a delightful contrast to the various flavours of the sweet treat. Rich and nutty cookies like the almond biscotti, macadamia nut cookies or even citrusy cookies like lemon or orange shortbreads are perfect to highlight the spirit’s natural agave sweetness for a delicious marriage of flavours.