A Culinary Journey “The Indian Ocean Rim” By Chef Anuj & Kartik
Image Credit: Madagascar Lamb Shank

Food is a journey of spices, flavours and techniques across borders and generations. And while we talk of Indian cuisine, we see how various cultures across the globe has influenced what and how we eat today. But what about the reverse? Have you ever given it a thought. Exploring the same Radisson Blu Greater Noida ahs conceptualised a series called Farage - exclusive culinary experiences showcasing the brilliance of Executive Chef Anuj Kapoor who has worked alongside globally acclaimed chefs and Chef Kartikeya Sinha who has travelled extensively in Southeast Asia, and has gained an unrivalled love and admiration for the cuisine of the region.

Both experts curated a very intricate 4-course-meal playing along the of "The Indian Ocean Rim" whilst illustrating how Indian cuisine has influenced the food of the region. The series names “Farage” is all about the voyage through which our palate continues to develop and enthral our taste receptors, whether it is due to the influence of Eastern spices, colonisation, or the fusion of cuisines in the current period.

The experience started with Buah Rujak, an amuse bouche that’s the traditional fruit salad, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia. The mild dressing spicy palm sugar dressing which gave the right punch of spicy, sweet, salty, tangy, & crunchy textures all at one bite. Moving to the soup section there was Indonesian chicken coconut and galangal soup for non veg saw absolute delicate flavours of galangal playing along in every sip while the veg saw Burmese samusa soup where a filo pastry had been very tastefully put to use. This Indonesian soup might remind you of Thai tom kha gai too. The soup was followed by a fresh Javanese salad Urap that saw some fresh greens mixed with spiced grated coconut dressing.

The main course saw Nasi lemak- a fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, sambal, spicy tempeh along with some tofu curry while the non vegterians got a taste of the iconic Madagascar Lamb Shank where the braised lamb leg that was perfectly seasoned absolutely melted in your mouth. The gorgeous vibrant sauce and beautifully juicy lamb shank was perfectly paired with some coconut rice parcel balancing the flavours perfectly. 

Heading towards the desserts the plate saw Watalappam; a Sri Lankan steamed cardamom-coconut sweetened jaggery dessert with some cashew nougat and cardamon macaroon. There was also some baked yogurt that was flavoured with jaggery and served with side of coconut jelly and spiced coconut cream. Beautifully plated, perfectly balanced flavours and innovation was what this festival surely brings to the table. 

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