A Cinderella Story- The Perfect Summer Mocktail
Image Credit: Freepik

The months of blazing heat are approaching, and we're all sick of sipping the same old virgin mojitos, lemonades, and lassis. So, make way for Cinderella, a fairytale-themed mocktail.  Before we get to the main focus of the matter, let's define a mocktail and see how it differs from a cocktail.  

Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages that have the same components as cocktails but do not contain alcohol. Cocktails, on the other hand, contain alcohol. Mocktails have been around for a long time and were created for people who went to clubs and pubs but didn't want to consume alcoholic beverages. Due to the wide variety of flavours available, mocktails have become quite popular among young people and even many adults.  

Image source-Freepik

Returning to the subject, Cinderella is a vibrantly coloured mocktail made using grenadine, a non-alcoholic syrup used in a variety of cocktails. It gives drinks a pink or scarlet colour that makes them appear amazing. This mocktail also includes orange juice, lemon juice, and pineapple juice with ginger ale, in addition to grenadine. 

The nicest thing about this drink is that it may be had at any time of day, whether it's after lunch or before supper. It's the perfect cool treat for these hot summer days. It also has an exotic appearance, like a drink you'd find on a Miami beach. 

Follow this amazing and easy recipe to make your own Cinderella Mocktail at home today-  

Ingredients needed:

    ¼ glass Ginger ale or normal club soda 

    2 tbsp orange juice 

    2 tbsp lemon juice  

    2 tbsp pineapple juice 

    ½ tbsp grenadine  

    Pineapple and orange slices for garnishing  


    Gather all the ingredients and pour all the juices along with ginger ale and club soda in a cocktail shaker with ice.  

    Shake well and pour it in a tall glass filled with ice cubes.  

    Top it with ginger ale and garnish with pineapple and orange slices. Serve.  

 Apart from its stunning appearance, this cocktail takes only 4-5 minutes to make and the ingredients are readily available in local stores.  

So, instead of rushing to a bar or a lounge to enjoy a drink, you may create them yourself at home. It's also a great drink for a girls' night out. You could even make it a little boozy by adding vodka.