A Brief History of Kitchen, The Heart of Your Home
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

In India and a few other parts of the world, the kitchen holds an immense cultural and religious significance. Probably that’s why you may have noticed or found a few people taking baths before entering their kitchens and cooking barefoot. This certainly proves that kitchen is an auspicious place for many. 

Nowadays, the kitchen has become a social spot for families which wasn’t the case earlier. Moreover, kitchens were constructed aloof of other areas of the household. It was considered that one should enter into the kitchen only after performing all other morning rituals. Over the past century, there have been constant innovations in kitchens that showcase our habits and lifestyle. I often wonder how the ancient kitchens were like and what were the utensils our ancestors were using? Let’s dive into the evolution of the kitchen to get a clear picture of it.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

The idea of a completely open kitchen came in the 1980s and is now selling hot under the name of contemporary kitchens. Working on a promise of a sustainable future, these designer kitchens are catching up fast with constantly moving lifestyles. For example – ovens are designed on health, energy, and time efficient grounds. There is a refrigerator to prevent the early decaying of food too. To grind ingredients in no time, a mixer grinder has become the common choice. A range of sleek appliances present in today’s contemporary kitchens scream indulgence for good. 

There is no end to things you can create in your kitchen, not only food but memories seasoned with love too.