A Booze-y Valentine’s For That Perfect Date
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~Let your bae know you love them beery much, whisk(ey) their heart with a romantic eve and teq(uila) them home with a big smile~

Valentine’s Day is near, we say start planning an evening to remember for your bae. Cocktails are a great way to win hearts, and some of the best cocktails can be made using finest of alcohol. Here are a few brands that you should buy for the most romantic cocktailing this Valentine’s Day.

1.    Will you Carlsberg my Margarita?

Romantic evenings are incomplete without a hearty glass of margarita, and a better margarita can be made with some chilled Carlsberg Smooth. Throw some tequila, fresh lime juice, chilled Carlsberg Smooth and ice in a pitcher mix it all together and serve with a lime wheel. The cocktail will woo your date and make it an unforgettable evening!

2.    You are my Absolut Crush

Vodka base cocktails are a forever favorite, and the best way to do it is Absolut way! Make a pink love cocktail that makes your crushing over you all over again – take some strawberry crush, mint leaves, lime cordial and Absolut vodka. Give everything a great mix add in some ice cubes and water and blend it all together. Serve it a in a martini glass with crushed ice and strawberry on the top.

3.    Be the Bombay to my Sapphire

Gin and tonic are classic, but gin and tonic with a punch of blueberries and wild berries is what will work things around to make it a perfect Valentine’s evening. It takes two to tango always, so add in some Bombay Sapphire and tonic water with crushed blueberries and wild berries, some basil leaves, and a hint of lime. Shake it up and enjoy sipping the taste of heaven with your partner!

4.    Valentine’s trip to Ranthambore

We know Valentine’s falling on a weekday this year and it absolutely breaks our heart that it canceled all our travel plans. But what about a romantic cocktailing that transfers you tot Ranthambore? Perfect. Get a bottle of Ranthambore whiskey and make some old fashioned! Pour in 30ml of Ranthambore with soda and a slice of orange for that citrus flavour. Add in a few rocks and savour this beauty throughout the evening.