A Bengaluru Cafe Just Launched The 'Pup Cup'; Learn More

If you’ve ever walked into a cafe with your pet and didn’t have a treat you could buy for them, you’re not alone. Several pet-friendly cafes don’t really have a pet’s menu. However, a Bengaluru coffee ship has introduced the Pup Cup just in time for summer. It’s not just delicious but healthy for your doggos as well! 

Maverick & Farmer Coffee, a popular coffee chain in Bengaluru, has curated these treats especially for their canine customers. The pup cups are made with all-natural, dog-safe ingredients like Greek yoghurt, peanut butter and honey sourced from Coorg. These Pup Cups will be a part of their menu at their cafés in Ulsoor and Koramangala June 2 onwards.

In fact, on June 2 you can even walk into the cafe with your pet and indulge in a special breakfast with them. From the ‘hooman’ breakfast menu you can find options like pesto shakshuka with free-range eggs,  Chicken skillet with muhammara and candied walnuts, Pesto shakshuka with tofu,  Vegetarian skillet with muhammara and candied walnuts, French toast cup with fresh mangoes and cream, Muskmelon infused cold brew coffee with tender coconut water and a range of their espresso-based selections.

The best part is that 35% of all proceeds will go to CARE(Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre) and you can also get a goodie bag which you can share with your pups and you can also attend a puppy adoption drive to find your new furry friend! 

However, if you want to treat your dogs at any cafe and don’t find any dog-safe food, you can always ask for a Pup Cup anyway. Just ask for a small cup filled with whipped cream for your doggo! Dogs can eat whipped cream in modest quantities and they love their sweet flavour. The Starbucks Puppuccino, for instance, follows a similar concept and only features an espresso-sized cup full of whipped cream for your furry friend.