90Kg Of Roller Ice Cream Has Left The Netizens Amazed; Tried Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from Instagram Reel by @thefoodieshub

If there’s one thing that most of the adults as well as kids love equally, it has to be ice cream. No matter what the weather might be, ice cream stays as one of the most popular desserts for foodies all across the country. Personally, I love indulging in a scoop or two amid the chilled winter season. This is one reason why many ice cream vendors across the country have started to experiment so much with the creamy delight. Where one Hyderabadi café has created a dish called '24k Gold' ice cream, someone is also making immunity-boosting one. And Delhi vendors are not far behind, after all it is the food capital of the country. So recently we came across a street vendor who is making a '90 Kg roller' ice cream that is packed with different fruity flavours. Yes, 90 kg, you read that right.  

In a video, uploaded by Instagram-based food blogger @thefoodieshub, we see the vendor shape 90 kilograms of ice. This 90 kg of ice is used to make the ice cream. The ice is first beaten and shaped like a cylinder overnight, and then placed on a roller. Then the ice is rolled around so that different flavours could be added to it. From banana, pomegranate, chocolate sauce, rooh afza and mango squash to many other fruity flavours are rubbed against the ice cream block so that it absorbs the flavours. The flavours are evenly mixed and the ice cream is served shaved on the plate. As per the caption on the post, one plate of this roller ice cream costs INR 60 and can be found at Vaishno Chaat Bhandhar, Kamla Nagar in Delhi. Take a look at the video:

 The video has garnered more than 370k views and over 20k likes. While the process of making roller ice cream sure seemed interesting, the internet gave a mixed review to it. Some people appreciated the effort and the concept of the ice cream and termed it “new and interesting”; others were confused by how many flavours the ice cream had and was a little apprehensive about the taste of the ice cream.  

What do you think of this unique ice cream? Would you try? Let us know.