9 Types Of Dry Sabzi To Make For Quick Late Night Dinner
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Making a tasty and nutritious meal for late-night meals is a constant challenge. With roti to fill you up, sukhi sabzi is a terrific way to enjoy something light in the middle of the night. 

These Sabzis are prepared in many regions of India by sautéing vegetables such as Lauki, Bhindi, Tindora, Aloo, and Paneer with regular spices, tomatoes, and onions. To mention a few, there are dishes like Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabzi, Jeera Aloo, Chatpata Baby Potato, Jodhpuri Aloo, Baingan Aloo Ki Sabzi, Aloo Matar Ki Sabzi, Aloo Phali Ki Sabzi, and Aloo Palak Ki Sabzi.

Similar to this, you may prepare these delectable Subzis with your regular veggies for a late-night meal or for hunger pangs. Red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, and coriander powder are the staple masalas utilised in these sabzis. These spices enhance the flavour of the sabzis and intensify their taste. Finely chopped coriander leaves add a cool flavour to foods and can be used as a garnish. Keep reading!

9 Dry Sabzi To Try At The Middle Of The Night

1. Soya Keema Matar

Made using soy granules and peas, the recipe for soya keema matar is a well-known vegetarian meal from North India. You will become enamoured with soy granules after tasting them. For vegans, it is a good source of protein. The combination of the nutri granules and peas is wonderful. Very flavorful and light, perfect for individuals.

2. Beans Aloo Ki Sabzi

Greens can be added to any dish, and it can be made simple and quick with this recipe for beans aloo sabzi. Whether it's dinner or lunch. This sabzi is very adaptable and tastes well with curd, chapati, or any kind of dal. There are no onions, garlic, or tomatoes in these beans and potato sabzi. 

3. Sukhe Kale Chane 

Making sukhi kale chane is a really easy recipe. Traditionally, sukhi kale chane is served with poori, particularly on Ashtami and Navami. Prashaad for bhog is made up of sukhe kale chane, halwa, and poori. Make Shudh Satwik Bhojan without using garlic or onions. These sookhe kale chane go well with mango pickle and simple paratha.

4. Aloo Baingan

Anybody who enjoys aloo and baingan would adore this version of aloo baingan ki sukhi sabzi without onions. This baingan alu ki sabzi is really easy to make and rather tasty. It's delicious with the crispy aloo seasoned with dry spices. Let's discover how to prepare dry aloo baingan sans onion. 

5. Veg Kadai

This is a really tasty restaurant-style vegan kadai recipe. It's a mixed vegetable dish with a hint of extra masala and spices. Making this vegetable kadai is an easy task. It will elevate your lunch or dinner to a whole new level. It tastes great with chapati, tandoori roti, or naan. 

6. Tariyal Aloo Fry 

A really simple recipe for Sindhi tariyal aloo fry. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare these fried potatoes. They pair well with both dal and simple paratha. Ideal recipe for a late night dish. They finish the full dinner. The tariyal aloo fry from Sindhi cuisine is tart and spicy. To improve the flavour, chat masala and mint powder are added. 

7. Matar Paneer Bhurji

This is a really tasty, straightforward, and easy dish for matar paneer bhurji. The taste and nutritional value of this paneer dish are enhanced by the inclusion of matar to the recipe. It's just a visually stunning recipe because of the green colour of matar with the sparse specks of chopped tomatoes against the yellow backdrop of paneer. 

8. Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi

This is the recipe for aloo pyaz ki easy sabzi. This sabzi saves the day if you don't have any vegetables in the fridge. This aloo pyaz ki sabzi is simple to prepare and only needs a few ingredients. It pairs just as nicely with curry or dal. And tastes great with hot roti or paranthas. 

9. Baingan Bharta

This is a basic recipe for baingan bharta. This recipe for baingan bharta is simple and calls for few ingredients. Baingan bharta is a very wholesome dish. It is a regular ingredient in North Indian cuisine. The finest way to have roasted baingan is with roti, paratha, or naan, which is sautéed with tomato puree.

Try these dry sabji for your late night dinner and hunger pangs. These are light and tasty and go perfectly with rotis and parathas.