9 Simple Toast Combos For Midnight Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

Toast is a classic snacking food that is easy to prepare and pairs nicely with a variety of foods. However, chowing down on a basic, dry slice of bread may get quite monotonous. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredibly tasty and healthful toast toppings available. 

Thus, this post is for you if you're looking for some quick and healthful toast recipes. For many of us, toast has been a staple snack for years, either under avocado or next to scrambled eggs. A satisfying evening snack can be a slice of whole-grain bread with nut butter, fruit toppings that are high in nutrients, or other toppings. 

There's also something for everyone: recipes for vegetarian toast, savoury and sweet options, and lots of quick ideas. 

9 Toast Recipe Ideas To Try

1. French Toast

Enjoy a serving of traditional toast to start your day. Brioche bread slices soaked in eggs, cream, and milk are used in this incredibly adaptable recipe. It has a hint of cinnamon for flavour, and fresh berries and icing sugar can be added on top. Traditional french toasts are always the right choice to go for when having a sweet cravings. 

2. Custard And Raspberry Toast

Enjoy a traditional taste combination with this toast flavoured with rhubarb and custard. For 10 minutes, simmer rhubarb chunks with caster sugar, orange zest, and juice, along with a vanilla pod. Place the heated custard and fruit on top of your fried toast. This is a very good toast to pair up even with ice-cream too. 

3. Vegan Toast

Try this simple vegan toast instead of eggs and dairy. To make a thick liquid, whisk together oat milk, ground almonds, and a few tablespoons of gram flour. For sweetness, add cinnamon, golden caster sugar, and vanilla essence. Serve the wet bread with a maple blueberry compote after frying it till golden brown.

4. Bacon Butties Toast

These bacon-wrapped toast butties combine two traditional meal dishes. For a delicious result, combine crisp, salty bacon with sweet, eggy bread. For an extra-special touch, dust with icing sugar or drizzle with sticky maple syrup. Try this toast recipe with bacon and banana as well. The toast will surely make you full in no time at the middle of the night.

5. Bacon, Tomato, And Mushroom Toast

Make this substantial toast with mushrooms, bacon, and tomato to channel the flavours of a hearty English meal. Add chestnut mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, chutney, and crispy bacon on top. If you're using pre-sliced bread, soak it for half the time specified in the recipe, or use a thick loaf that you slice by hand.

6. Toast With Chocolate And Bananas

This extremely sweet chocolate and banana toast will be a hit with kids who wake up late at night hungry. For the filling, mash a ripe banana and combine it with milk chocolate. Place between two large, crispy slices of white bread. Spread a combination of eggs, double cream, maple syrup, and vanilla essence over the sandwiches. Cook in a heated skillet until the chocolate has melted and the food is golden brown. Add some icing sugar and cinnamon to finish.

8. Toast With Bacon, Aanana, And Maple syrup

This substantial brioche toast with bacon, banana, and maple syrup combines traditional meal ingredients. Thick slices of brioche bread should be fully submerged in an egg mixture before being fried till crispy on a hot griddle. Make a little incision in the centre of the bread with a knife to see whether it is cooked all the way through; the interior should resemble baked bread pudding. Add bacon, bananas, and a maple syrup drizzle on top. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this toast. 

9. Toast Filled With Mozzarella

For individuals who do not have a sweet craving, this savoury toast with mozzarella filling is ideal. Take off the crust from two white bread pieces and top with freshly grated firm mozzarella for a sandwich. Use a fork to close the edges and allow them to soak in the egg mixture. Melt the mozzarella and fry in butter until the outside is golden brown. For a spicy twist, serve with chilli sauce.

Tasty and healthy toppings for toast can create a meal that complements any kind of lifestyle. Put down your toast and grab a piece of whole-grain bread. If you want to satisfy your late night craving quickly, try these tasty breads.