9 Non Spicy Yet Soulful Dishes For Midnight Cravings
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You've probably heard that eating extremely spicy food right before bed is not a good idea. There are numerous reasons for this. Eating spicy food for dinner is fine as long as you leave enough time between when you finish it and when you go to bed. Extremely spicy foods have been related to indigestion, stomach disturbances, and insomnia.

According to NIH, Spicy foods like mustard and chillies are also known to increase body temperature and cause restlessness. At the same time, you sleep because capsaicin, a component in chilli peppers, affects sleep by causing variations in body temperature. Eating spicy food too soon before bed has also been shown to exacerbate acid reflux symptoms, which is a GERD symptom. Sleep disturbances can also be a factor in weight gain. 

Thus, here are a few options that you can choose from to satisfy your late-night dinner desires while also being health conscious. Continue reading!

9 Non Spicy Yet Tastiest Dishes To Try

1. Curd Rice

There aren't many foods on the planet as simple, delicious, and healthful as this one! This meal, also known as Dahi Bhaat, Mosaranna, Perugu Annam, and Daddojanam, is unique to each state in South India. A few add fresh coriander leaves and pomegranate pearls, a few add entire dry red chillies, and a few temper curry leaves! The most basic of them all consists of cooked rice that has been room temperature mixed with a small amount of sugar, salt, and curd that has been cultured at home.

2. Thai Kofta

Mostly from North India, this Mughlai dish is one of the creamiest Indian curries you can consume without burning your tongue. One of your best bets to eat with roasted butter Naan is melt-in-your-mouth fried balls floating joyfully in a sauce with a rich and creamy texture due to those nuts and cream. 

3. Dosa, Uttapam, and Idli

The best food in the world are, without a doubt, idli, Dosa, and Uttapam. These are eaten throughout India but are native to the southern regions of the nation. All of them are made with the same batter: Idli is steamed, Dosa is pan-roasted, and Uttapam is cooked similarly to a pancake. When these are eaten without any other accompaniments, such as chutneys or sambars (curries), they are incredibly tasty yet not hot at all! 

4. Dhokla

Dhokla, a puffy, spongy, and flavorful slice of cloud, is a beloved side dish in an elaborate thali and a teatime snack! The steamed treat comes from Gujarat and is made with fermented rice or split chickpea batter. This is one of India's best non-spicy snack foods—it's mildly sweet, a little acidic, and not at all spicy until you add tempering! 

5. Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma originated in the royal kingdom of Rajasthan and is now enjoyed with minor modifications throughout the states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, is a delight to eat because of the range of flavours and textures it provides. The Baati is a toasted ball of wheat flour that is crushed, dipped in mild Daal and soaked in ghee. Because of the potential for heat, there is the Churma! Churma, a lentil preparation with jaggery, balances out the dish's mild spice content and creates the ideal amount of sweetness! 

6. Daali Thoy

Although this meal is not as well-known, it is nevertheless worthy of inclusion in the list of Indian non-spicy cuisines. The is consumed in Goa, is rich in protein and has a gentle, calming flavour thanks to the addition of coconut milk (vegans take note!). It's a comfort dish in and of itself, though some people like to add some optional dried red chillies! 

7. Tomato Khejur Chutney

West Bengal is the home state of the dish. Although there are other varieties of tomato chutney consumed around the nation. Tomato Khejur Chutney is a particular variety that is characterised as a sweet-tangy, non-spicy side dish that can enhance even the most basic dishes! This recipe's headliner is date jaggery, it is a cross between jam and marmalade! A few spoons of this and a few papads at night can make the perfect non spicy snack for your cravings. 

8. Kashmiri Pulao

Though it may seem like a simple dish, Kashmiri people elevate this mixed veggie rice to a higher level. They adorn it with strands of saffron, fresh fruits, and dried fruits! Naturally, the flavour is sweet with a hint of extra condiments! Serve Kashmiri Pulao with a curry or simply by itself; it's always a hit! 

9. Navratan Korma

This Mughlai cuisine, which is often prepared with nine major ingredients, is full of fresh vegetables and/or meat as well as dry fruits. Navratan translates to "nine jewels," has a somewhat laborious but incredibly satisfying recipe! The delicacy, cooked in dry fruit paste and topped with cream, is truly fit for a king! It is perfect for late night dinner as well. 

Indian food is renowned for its robust tastes and fragrant spices, but what if you can't handle the heat? Look for meals that are noted for their moderate flavours, either cooking at home or dining at Indian restaurants late at night. For those who want a softer flavour, dishes like veggie biryani, chicken korma, and butter chicken are excellent choices. These foods have a lot of flavour without being really hot.