Everyone wishes to begin their day with some delectable cuisine. People nowadays are extremely busy. There is no time to prep breakfast at home. As Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India and breakfast is what kicks off our day, it is important to pick the right place and meal for you. Mumbai offers a lot of delicious food with different varieties and options to its people and sometimes more options can lead to dilemmas so investing your money wisely is the key. 

And if you're seeking a wonderful breakfast in Mumbai, knowing what to eat and what to avoid is crucial. So, here are some of the best breakfast places in Mumbai that you must try.

The Pantry

Are you tired of the city's noise and wish to enjoy breakfast somewhere calm and relaxing? This is the spot for you. A place with a relaxing atmosphere and vintage décor. The Pantry delivers regularly and meticulously prepared dishes that are prepared fresh each time. Piping hot coffee, sandwich, pie, hot chocolate, and tea are its speciality.

Hot Chocolate


The Nutcracker

This is a sophisticated café in Mumbai that provides delectable American and European cuisine. The fact that you can receive three different types of meals throughout the day sets this cafe apart from others. That is to say, if you ate here in the morning, you will not be served the same dish in the evening. The pancakes, hot chocolate, waffles, and burgers are a delight here.



Pizza By The Bay

The Marine Drive in Mumbai is well-known. So why don't you have breakfast while taking in this scene and eating salads and pizzas, which is what they specialize in? The strangest thing about this place is that they bring you into their kitchen and teach you how to bake pizza with their chefs. Enjoy your pizza while looking out over the Arabian Sea!



Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant

The restaurant has been in Mumbai for ten years and has never let its patrons down. The history of the eatery is told by the environment itself. They are well-known for their wood-fired cookies and bread. But do you know what else they excel at serving? Maska and Khari, oh my!



JW Cafe

It's a four-star hotel with a relaxing atmosphere and comfy seats. They serve a wide range of north Indian, Continental, Asian, and Italian meals, as well as delectable desserts. They're also recognised for their opulent buffet experience. Everyone should try the Sunday Brunch. In Mumbai, there are three outlets.



Gughan Supreme South Indian

Gughan is one of Bombay's greatest South Indian eateries. Their interior design is inspired by South Indian styles. There are numerous options to pick from, all of them are wallet-friendly. You may enjoy the food while admiring the excellent view of Marine Drive.



Indigo Delicatessen

It has a number of outlets throughout Mumbai. The atmosphere at Indigo Delicatessen is quite stunning, and the location is ideal. They are well-known for their extensive continental reach. They provide their food throughout the day. They are the masters when it comes to coffee, sandwich, and burgers.



Le Pain Quotidien

It is said to begin your day with a heavy meal. And if you're looking to do the same, this restaurant is for you. They are noted for their extensive European menu, which includes a variety of healthful alternatives with reasonable portion sizes. It is in a wealthy part of Mumbai, yet the price felt reasonable given the service and meal quality.



Cafe Military

This is a must-visit if you enjoy Parsi cuisine. They have a minimalist design with close-spaced tables and a one-page menu. They have a small menu that is fixed for days, but it is worth it. Cafe Military is extremely popular for its kheema pav.

Kheema Pav


So there you have it, everything from South Indian food to street food, Italian to Parsi cuisine. These are the greatest breakfast eateries in Mumbai if you want to tickle your taste buds. Have a wonderful and joyful breakfast!