8 Ways To Add Apples To Your Breakfast
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Early mornings are always very busy because not only does a person have to get ready for work but they also prepare breakfast. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, choosing the right ingredients for making breakfast is very important. Apples are juicy, flavourful, and so enticing in taste. The natural and subtle sweetness in apples gives them a very fresh and balanced flavour. 

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Apples are often added to different types of shakes and smoothies to make delicious beverages. If you are looking for various methods to add apples to your breakfast then look no further because here are some simple apple recipes that you can make for breakfast.

* Apple Pudding

An apple pudding is a mixture of some apple pulp and sweet bread that is immensely soulful in taste and is a very fulfilling breakfast option. It is not the healthiest but one can make it on special occasions as well as over the weekends to treat oneself and other family members. It is made by combining bread with some peeled apple pulp, along with milk, eggs, cinnamon powder, and some brown sugar. The mixture is then baked to perfection and topped with some honey before being served hot.

* Apple French Toast

Apples French toast is a great idea for people who are tired of eating regular French toast and want to give a unique twist to this classic and evergreen recipe. One has to make French toast regularly by dipping some bread pieces in eggs and then cooking them in a pan with some butter. Now on the top one can pour some honey or maple syrup with some caramelised apples. The caramelised apples will melt even more as soon as they are kept on some hot French toast and perfectly mixed with honey or maple syrup.

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* Apple Oatmeal

If one wants to enhance the flavour of the oatmeal, then adding some apples is truly worth considering. One can stir their traditional oatmeal and then add juicy apples that are chopped into small pieces. Along with apples, one can add some cinnamon powder on the top and enjoy a sweet and savoury breakfast every morning.

* Apple Burrito 

Apple burrito is a recipe that may raise a lot of eyebrows in doubt and apprehension. However, it's a recipe where you have to trust the process and wait till the final dish is ready to be served. Prepare a nutritious burrito by filling in lots of scrambled eggs, chopped apples, cheese, and a little bit of tomato salsa in a whole wheat burrito. This gratifying and refreshing apple burrito is great for people who like to eat a heavy breakfast.

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* Apple Salad

One of the easiest ways to incorporate apples into one's breakfast is to add them to their salad. A tangy and cheesy apple salad is just what you need to start your day and get that nutrition just before getting to work. Sliced apples are combined with a lot of celery, leaves, walnuts, feta cheese, and a healthy dip made from lemon juice, mustard sauce, and some Italian herbs.

* Apple Breakfast Bowl

Some juicy pieces of apple when combined with quinoa or brown rice make for the best breakfast bowl ever. A lot of people do not like to have heavy breakfast as it is not possible to eat so much just after one has woken up. This is the very reason why it is important to have a fibrous breakfast that is light, easy to digest and makes one feel full even after having a small meal. Combining some apples with a regular breakfast bowl made from some green vegetables, quinoa, and black beans adds a lot of freshness to the dish.

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* Apple Pancakes 

Pancakes are one of the most sought-after breakfast recipes that many people like. Some stacked pancakes with lots of maple syrup and fresh fruits can taste divine. A flavourful and juicy addition to these pancakes can be some caramelised apples. In this way, one cannot only add some fresh fruits to the rather unhealthy meal but also give the pancakes a citrusy and fruity touch to this already delicious breakfast option.

* Apple Smoothie 

Apple smoothie is yet another conventional and already popular breakfast option. Many people like to combine apples, bananas, and some peanut butter to make a thick and soul-enriching smoothie. However, one may also add yoghurt, spinach, leaves, lots of dry fruits and seeds as well. It is an amazing way to start the day on a refreshing note and get an instant boost of energy.