8 Traditional Street Foods Of Bihar You Simply Must Try

Street cuisine in Bihar is a delectable reflection of its rich culinary heritage. It has a variety of choices other than just “litti chokha” and “sattu paratha”. We can find many sweet and savoury dishes like malpua, khaja, chana ghugni, mutton kebab etc. 

The state's street food offers a distinctive culinary experience for the complex fusion of regional products, traditional cooking methods, and indigenous spices. Bihar's street cuisine is an essential component of the state's cultural character, and these famous dishes have come to represent the state's culinary legacy. They are praised for their genuineness and the friendly hospitality that permeates every delicious taste.

Here are some famous street foods from Bihar:

1. Khaja: 

Bihar's street cuisine, khaja, is highly appreciated for its delicious combination of flavour, texture, and taste. Its flaky, crunchy layers give it a delicious texture, but the inside is still soft and sweet. The flavour profile is rich and fragrant, with a wonderful balance of sweetness from the sugar and jaggery, along with a trace of cardamom. With its melt-in-your-mouth texture and sweet balance, this traditional delicacy which is typically deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup captivates the senses and has become a beloved street food of Bihar's culinary scene.

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2. Litti Chokha: 

Bihar's famous street dish, litti chokha, elevates the flavour of the palate with its strong, smokey flavours. When baked, litti, which is made with whole wheat flour, ghee, and spices, has a substantial and slightly dense structure. Litti goes well with chokha, a tasty mash made with roasted eggplant, tomatoes and spices. The aroma of the meal, which comes from baking Litti on cow dung cakes, is unique and smokey. This rustic pleasure offers a delicious fusion of textures and true regional flavours, encapsulating the spirit of Bihar's culinary legacy.

3. Chana Ghugni: 

A popular street dish in Bihar, chana ghugni has a delicious combination of flavours and textures. For The  blend of aromatic spices, the flavour is a combination of sour, savoury, and spicy tastes. The dish's texture is made up of perfectly cooked chickpeas with spices and keep a bit soupy. Chana Ghugni, which is typically served with chopped onions, tamarind chutney, and chaat masala, is a satisfying dish that perfectly captures the flavour of Bihar's lively street food culture with each mouthful.

4. Sattu Paratha: 

Bihar's favourite street dish, Sattu Paratha, has a exotic flavour and is also healthy. Sattu, which is roasted gram flour combined with herbs, spices, and occasionally onions, is what stuffs the paratha. The paratha layers give the texture a flaky feel, while the Sattu filling gives it a little grainy texture. An earthy and spicy mix of flavours creates a satisfying and savoury experience. In Bihar's cuisine, Sattu Paratha is a very tasty and nourishing treat when served with yoghurt, pickles, or chutney.

5. Mutton Kebab: 

A popular street dish in Bihar, mutton kebab has a delicious flavour and mouth watering texture. A robust and savoury flavour is created by skillfully blending aromatic spices with luscious minced mutton. Traditionally, these kebabs are grilled or skewered to perfection, giving them a crispy exterior and a tender interior. Both residents and tourists will find Bihar's Mutton Kebab to be a delightful culinary experience, as the blend of spices adds a depth of flavour.

6. Chura Bhunja: 

Chura Bhunja is a lovely combination of flavours and textures. Perfect roasting gives poha, or flattened rice, a crunchy yet slightly chewy texture. Next, a variety of flavours are added to the dish, such as curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chilies, and turmeric, resulting in a flavorful combination that is both savoury and subtly spicy. Chura Bhunja is a beloved culinary experience that has a delightful crunch and a burst of aromatic spices. It is topped with peanuts and served with a squeeze of lime.

7. Egg Fry Poach:

 Egg fry poach has a delicious flavour and distinct texture. A tasty mixture of spices is used to poach the eggs, creating a mellow fusion of spicy and savoury flavours. The outside layer reaches the ideal ratio of crispiness to tenderness. The explosion of flavours and the contrast of textures in every bite make for a pleasant experience. This street cuisine, which is typically served with bread or regional chutneys, embodies the rich culinary culture of Bihar and leaves your taste buds wanting more.

8. Aloo Tikki: 

In Bihar, aloo tikki is a beloved street dish with a crispy texture and a rich flavour. After spicing mashed potatoes with flavorful herbs like coriander and cumin, patties are formed and deep-fried till crispy and golden. While the interior is still smooth and silky, the shell has a pleasing crunch. A pleasant contrast is created by the blend of spices, which lends a savoury and moderately spicy flavour. Aloo Tikki is a perfect example of the richness of Bihar's street food culture. It is typically eaten with chutneys or as a component of chaat.