8 Tasty Chapati-Subzi Rolls For A Zero Mess Kids' Tiffin Box

The afternoon bell ringing in school indicating lunch-time is a welcome sound for kids and young adults alike! After hours of classes, there is nothing more refreshing than sitting down with a bunch of friends and opening up a tiffin box warmly packed with nourishing meals that are gorged on in that short 20-minute intermission. Kids sharing food with each other, each one bringing flavours from their home in a diverse classroom is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures that come together in a healthy mix through their lunchboxes.

While there are many interesting recipes that can be whipped up for a kid's lunchbox, there is nothing better than a chapati-bhaji roll or a roll of wheat roti filled with vegetable as a handy tiffin option that can be eaten quickly and without much fuss or mess. A chapati-bhaji roll is easy to make too and one of the best ways to get kids to eat their veggies. Most subzis cooked at home can be stuffed and rolled into the rotis to make a filling meal that is easy to pack and carry to school. Read on below for some chapati-bhaji rolls that can be made for the school tiffin:

Paneer Makhani Roll

Make a delicious paneer subzi but regulate the gravy consistency in such a way that it can be stuffed into a roll for a homemade kathi wrap variation that can be taken to school and gobbled up in quick bites. Lather warm rotis in ghee before making the roll for a denser flavour.

Cheese Spread And Corn Subzi Roll

Spread some cheese spread on the roti and put some boiled corn or a corn subzi on it before making a wrap out of this tempting combination of foods. Both chapati and corn are full of carbs which will give kids the required energy to take on sports classes in the latter half of the day.

Street Style Veggie Frankie

This can be made using boiled potatoes, capsicum, chopped onions and tomatoes that mixed into a lip-smacking stuffing seasoned with cumin and coriander powder, garam masala and some chaat masala. A favourite among kids, this frankie roll is ideal for an indulgent tiffin.

Chutney And Boiled Potatoes Roll

On those days when everyone is running late in a household, a quick tiffin hack is to make a chutney and mashed potato roll. Take two or three chapatis, lather them in ghee and some groundnut chutney and stuff in some boiled potatoes for a light and filling meal. You can also use sesame chutney, javas chutney or garlic chutney to stuff into the roll.

Falafel-Salad Roll

If you have leftover falafel or any veggie kebab, whip up a fresh, crispy salad and put the veggies and falafel on a freshly made wheat roti for a delicious roll. Making falafel from chickpeas and beans is simple enough. You can dress the salad with mayonnaise and some vinaigrette for added flavour.

Egg Bhurji Roll

To ensure a healthy protein intake, pack a healthy egg bhurji roll for kids' lunch. Egg bhurji can be made using fresh eggs, green chillies, some masala, all brought together in a tempering of mustard and turmeric and some freshly chopped onions. You can lather the chapati in ketchup or mayo for a kathi egg roll flavour.

Rajma Frankie 

Instead of packing lentils or legumes as a curry to be enjoyed with roti, it is easier to make a semi-dry rajma subzi and stuff it into a chapati roll. This will reduce the risk of the curry spilling out of the tiffin while making sure that kids get the required quantity of proteins and nutrients from legumes. 

Roti Pizza Roll

Infused with herbs like oregano, basil and other herbs, this fusion dish brings together all the flavours of a pizza with the Indian staple, wheat roti for a filling and mouthwatering lunch pack. Lather the filling in cheese and tons of tomato sauce to bring out all the pizza flavours and choose stuffings like onions, capsicum and paneer which are lighter on the stomach.