8 Tasty Besan Recipes That You Must Try
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Let's look at a common substance- Besan, with applications ranging from cooking to beauty and skincare. It rests meekly in kitchen cabinets around the country, contributing to some of its most appreciated and generally popular foods. You can utilise it in various ways, including preparing a fast batter for crispy fried pakoras, producing rich curries, and making a hearty chilla.

Besan or gram flour, often known as chickpea flour, is made from Bengal gram or chickpeas and is widely accessible in shops and online. Vegetables are dipped in besan and fried until golden brown in the north; Rajasthanis use it to make gatta curry, which is gram flour dumplings cooked in a yoghurt-based gravy; Gujarat boasts of khandvi, besan kadhi, and other similar dishes; while Maharashtra is known for batata vada. Besan is also a prominent ingredient in Indian street cuisine and sweets such as halwa, laddoo, and barfi. So let’s take some of the best recipes that can be made using besan.

 Zunka Bhakri

Zunka Bhakri is a classic Indian dish made with chickpeas or besan paste with onions, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, cumin, and mustard seeds. It's finest served with bajra or jowar rotis because it's rich and flavorful.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

This delectable vegetarian dish comes straight from the kitchens of Rajasthan's locals. Gattas prepared from besan are cooked and served with a delicious sauce. It can be eaten for supper or lunch regularly and at home during dinner parties.

Cheese Stuffed Bread Pakora

Bread pakoras packed with cheese filling are a delectable snack. It is possible to play around with the filling within the bread. Paneer, potato, shredded cheese, peas, or a combination of your favourite vegetables can be used as a stuffing. Though white bread is commonly used to make bread pakoras, brown or whole wheat bread can also be utilised and is more nutritious.


Aamras Ki Kadhi

A quick and simple technique to prepare Rajputana cuisine. This delicious preparation is made with the appropriate utilisation of mangoes. Raw mango puree, buttermilk, and besan, coupled with various spices and chiles, make up Aamras ki Kadhi.


Besan Ke Ladoo

Can we ever envision a party or celebration without these tasty treats? Besan or gram flour is roasted with ghee in a kadhai, then seasoned with sugar and cardamom before forming tight round balls.


Besan Ki Barfi

An Indian dessert produced or purchased on any other occasion in an Indian family. This mouthwatering treat is made with gram flour or besan cooked with ghee and sugar. With only a few ingredients, this recipe is straightforward and fuss-free.


Besan Dosa

This besan dosa, high in fibre and other nutrients, can be a quick fix for a nutritious breakfast.


Besan Mirch

Here's a fast remedy for those lazy, laid-back evenings. Green chiles are packed with a fragrant and delectable besan and spice mixture. Fry them and serve with mint or coriander chutney while they're still hot.


Besan Khandvi

One of the most popular Gujarati delicacies ever. When friends and family gather together, it takes an hour and a few essential ingredients to make this healthy and delectable snack at home.


There you have it, the best recipes to make from besan.