8 Stuffed Eggs Recipes For A Wholesome Dinner

Stuffed eggs are delicious, hearty, and perfect for dinner. While the recipe for these eggs is centuries old, the dish is timeless. It is an impeccable choice for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Garnish the deviled eggs with spices, and you will have a wholesome dish for dinner. While you might have just tasted one kind of stuffed egg, the versatility of this recipe offers you opportunities to experiment.

Image Courtesy: Preppy Kitchen/ YouTube

Your simple recipe can be customised in multiple ways to infuse flavours, change textures, and use more ingredients in the kitchen. Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, eggs can be a part of the satisfying course of a meal. They are easy to make and go perfectly on the menu of any festive gathering or party. Here are a few recipes to try out.

Caprese Stuffed Eggs

If you are looking to have a sophisticated meal for dinner, caprese stuffed eggs are just that. Take hard-boiled eggs cut into half and scoop out yolks. Keep cherry tomatoes sliced into half, chopped basil leaves, and small mozzarella balls ready. Layered these ingredients on the eggs, drizzled balsamic glaze for extra flavour, and sprinkled salt and black pepper powder for extra zing. You won’t even notice when you will gulp down an entire plate of these.

Nargisi Kofta

For a spiced Indian variant of stuffed eggs, Nargisi kofta is the perfect choice. Start by blending mutton keema into soft pieces. Add turmeric powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, and coriander powder to the mix. Coat hard boiled eggs with this combination and add these to a kadhi in which tomato, onion, and yoghurt-based gravy is simmering. After cooking for half an hour, serve these delicious kofta with either rice or Indian flatbread.

Classic Deviled Eggs

If you are not into experimenting, try classic deviled eggs. After hard-boiling eggs, scoop out the yolks and make a creamy mixture. In a bowl, save all the yolk, mash them with the back of a fork, and pour in mayonnaise, salt to taste, mustard sauce, paprika, and black pepper powder. Mix it and fill it into a frosting tip bag. Now decorate your hard-boiled egg whites and sprinkle some paprika and freshly chopped coriander leaves or chives at the end.

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggs

If you would like to try a Mediterranean recipe of stuffed eggs, try this simpler variation for which you must have olives resting in your refrigerator. In a bowl, mix crumbled feta cheese, chopped olives, cherry tomatoes, and diced cucumber. You can also add coriander or parsley leaves for fresh flavours. Top hard-boiled eggs without yolk with this mixture and enjoy after drizzling olive oil on the top. You can also mash the yolk into the tangy mixture.

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs

Eggs and fish are a great combination. You can make a recipe for stuffed eggs by combining these two sources of protein. In a bowl, mix chopped smoked salmon, scooped-out yolks, and cream cheese. You will have a smooth mixture in which you can infuse flavours using chopped dill, coriander leaves, and lemon juice along with paprika and black pepper powder. Fill halved hard-boiled egg whites with this mix and enjoy.

Avocado Stuffed Eggs

If you would like to add fruity flavours to the stuffed eggs, try making a creamy mixture of avocado and egg yolks. You can also add stir-fried and chopped red meat, chicken, or mutton into this combination. After adding salt to taste, black pepper, cumin powder, and red chilli powder decorate the hard-boiled eggs with a frosting pipe and drizzle olive oil and lemon on the top.

Mexican Corn Stuffed Eggs

Tangy hard-boiled eggs for dinner make for a perfect tangy meal. Combine boiled and mashed corn kernels with mashed egg yolks. Pour chopped cilantro, crumbled cheese of your choice, and lemon juice into the salted and spiced mixture for a burst of flavour and creamy texture. Fill halved hard-boiled eggs with this mouth-watering mix and sprinkle red chilli powder on the top.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Eggs

For a meaty plate of stuffed eggs, start stir-frying shredded chicken in buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and cream cheese. Add mashed egg yolks to this mix to ensure nothing goes to waste. Keep sliced or chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, and chopped coriander leaves ready in another bowl. After you fill halved eggs with chicken mixture, top them with onion, tomato, coriander, and lemon juice. Sprinkle some paprika powder for a fancy look and enjoy.