8 Papads To Try During Midnight Hunger Pangs
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Papad, a thin, crispy wafer, is an essential side dish with every Indian meal. The love for papad never ends, whether pappadum is served with rice and sambar, Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi, or masala papad is served as a chakra with your drinks.

Traditionally, women in their homes would gather on their terraces to slice, peel, and process these disc-shaped wafers. Now, there are various other ways to get good papad stock handy. One can buy them at stores, and also make them at home in several quicker and easier ways. One can try deep-frying and roasting them. These incredibly delicious snacks undoubtedly provide something unique to every meal. 

Thus, you must try these versions if you are a papad lover.

8 Papads To Try For Late-Night Cravings

1. Chana Da Papad

The humble chana dal papad, the beloved side dish of all Indians, deserves a little introduction. Despite its low spice level, it has a high potential for addiction. It sure does taste like heaven if you combine it with sambhar rice, rasam rice, or dal rice. It is a soothing combo to get the best comfort if you are craving something at night. 

2. Ragi Papad 

In some quarters, Ragi papad is also known as Nachni papad or Nagli papad. This Maharashtrian treat is slightly coarser in texture than most other candies available on the market and has a rich brown colour. Ragi gives the food its distinct colour, texture, and flavour and also adds a health benefit. Ragi papad is incredibly crunchy and readily available for purchase online.

3. Kali Mirch Papad

For some reason, many Indian restaurants in the Middle East offer Kali Mirch papad for free. This is a classic Indian papad that is still favoured by the general public. This black pepper papad will hit the correct note on your palate and leave you wanting more since it has the perfect heat. Even so, you find it impossible to resist reaching out to take another one. It goes nicely with North Indian food.

4. Garlic Papad

Garlic has a distinct flavour and aroma that most people adore or hate, depending on their mood. It might be time to try garlic papad (garlic chutney) for those who enjoy garlic and know it improves the flavour of all savoury foods.

This papad's primary ingredient, dal, is ground. On the other hand, the distinct taste of garlic elevates this crunchy nibble to a whole new level. Many states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh, are well-known for their garlic papad consumption.

5. Sabudana Papad 

The frothy white appearance of Sabudana papad is attributed to the flavour of tapioca pearls or Sabudana. This papad is frequently offered during celebrations or fasts, like Navaratri, in India. It's common to serve Sabudana papad without any flavour. Therefore, with every bite of this papad, you will get the nutritious advantages of the sabudana fruit. It will make you feel happy and rapidly fill your stomach.

6. Aloo Papad

India offers Aloo papad, as if chips weren't enough in the West already. It's common practice in places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab to make these crispy delicacies with boiled and mashed potatoes and a dash of salt. There is usually aloo papad available on the Holi menu, along with a vegetarian substitute. It's simultaneously crispy, savoury, and full.

7. Hing Papad

Asafetida, popularly referred to as Hing is MSG in India. This flavouring component is distinct in both flavour and aroma. And even the most straightforward dals and rice may taste special when you use this hing to produce Hing Papad. The dish hing papad is well-liked in the western region of the nation. If you consider yourself a gourmet, you must taste this particular variation of papad.

8. Stuffed Chicken Papad

If you use the correct stuffing, stuffed papads can taste absolutely divine. You can have some delicious chicken stuffing made for this dish. For the stuffing, add chicken to a sautéed mixture of onion, garlic, and spices. After soaking the papad in water, stuff it with chicken. Fry, roll, and seal.

Papad is a common food seen in many different cultures. The region's main crop frequently influences the materials used to make papads. Check out these variations to curb your midnight pangs.