8 Of The Best Eateries To Try In Cyber Hub Gurugram
Image Credit: Restaurants.

Mention Gurgaon or Gurugram and the first thing that crops up is how Cyberhub has changed the entire face of the city. From entertainment to food and party, it has become the one-spot for everything. Haven’t we all imagined working out of those magnificent buildings in the day and heading straight down to Cyberhub to chill post-work? It is the 'perfect place' and it wouldn’t be what it is without the string of restaurants dotting the whole space. It is the ultimate culinary destination, and each eatery is worth a visit.  

Here we have 8 of the best places in Cyberhub to sate the foodie in you:

1. Burma Burma

Perhaps the only Burmese restaurant-chain in Delhi NCR which despite, an all-veg menu continues to impress foodies of all kinds. Be it a hardcore non-vegetarian (count me in) or a picky eater (that'll be me again), Burma Burma has captured the taste buds of Delhiites with its comforting samosa soup, mock meat salad and much more! 

2. Pra Pra Prank

With an exquisite sushi bar and an expansive menu, you shouldn’t be missing out on Pra Pra Prank. The outdoor seating is where you have the best vibe. Savour the Asian food with a twist at this cool place.

3. CyberHub Social

Social keeps on pushing the envelope with each outlet yet we love their classic butter chicken biryani, LIIT and chaknas. Social, CyberHub's theme is inspired by desi, rustic beauty of India.

4. Olly

Nestled in small space on the first floor, Olly is a stunning part of the Olive group, that is known for creating beautiful places. Inspired by cafes in Australia that offers amazing Italian, Olly serves some of the best pizzas and we hear Tiramisu is one of the star dishes on the menu.

5. Italiano

Want to nosh on all things Italian from fresh pasta to authentic Tiramisu but do not want to spend too much? Italian has got you covered.

6. Cafeteria and Co.

We love Cafeteria and Co’s light on the pocket menu that ranges from delectable sushis to crispy, cheesy fries and lasagne. You can get tired of eating yet not run out of options.

7. Mamagoto

One of the best places to try for a range of amazing cocktails paired with one of the best Asian foods in town. Be it the range of dimsums (oh the soupy gyoza), or the meal bowls, you’ll be spoilt with choice.

8. Made In Punjab

If butter chicken is what you have been craving for long, you need no other place than Made In Punjab. But do try the melt in mouth dahi kebabs! The place is redefining Indian cuisine and it had to be on the list for doing it spectacularly.  

Know more amazing places at Cyberhub? Let us know!