8 Mughlai Paratha Varieties You Must Try At Least Once

The richness of the Mughal Empire gave rise to the exquisite flavour and opulent texture of Mughlai food. Flavorful spices such as cloves, cardamom, and saffron give food a royal taste with just the right amount of spice and sweetness. Rich gravies slowly simmer tender meats till they melt on your tongue, giving the food an exquisite texture. Mughlai food is characterised as an opulent celebration of complex flavours and velvety textures suitable for royalty. Creamy sauces, nuts, and dried fruits add complexity.

Mughlai Paratha is a culinary gem that captivates with its unique flavour and texture. This loaded paratha has a rich, savoury flavour for its delectable filling of minced meat, eggs, and aromatic spices. There's a pleasing crunch from the golden, crispy texture of the outer layer. A popular and recognisable dish. 

Here are some varieties of Mughlai paratha to savour:

1. Vegetable Mughlai Paratha: 

A delicious take on the classic stuffed paratha is the Vegetable Mughlai Paratha. A savoury and fragrant flavour profile is created by the taste, which is a harmonic blend of spiced mixed veggies. It has a delicious texture, with the inside filling having a soft bite and the outside layer getting a crispy golden finish. After the vegetable mixture is stuffed into a dough disc, it is prepared and pan-fried till golden. To create a well-rounded and fulfilling dinner, pair this aromatic paratha with refreshing yoghurt, mint chutney, or pickles.

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2. Egg Mughlai Paratha: 

The Egg Mughlai Paratha is a tasty dish with a variety of textures and a savoury flavour. The paratha's flavour profile is enhanced by the amount of spicy beaten egg mixture inside. The egg filling stays moist and luscious, yet the outside layer gets golden and crispy. Making a dough, filling it with the egg mixture, and pan-frying it till golden brown are the steps involved in preparation. This paratha is a well-balanced and fulfilling lunch when served with yoghurt or mint chutney and a side salad of cucumbers or pickles.

3. Chicken Mughlai Paratha: 

The bold, fragrant flavour of Chicken Mughlai Paratha decorates the palate. A savoury explosion is experienced by the stuffing of minced chicken that has been seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. A delightful crunch is provided by the golden, crispy texture of the outer layer. The dough is prepared by rolling and stuffing it with the savoury chicken mixture, then it's pan-fried to golden perfection. To create a pleasant harmony in every bite, pair this delicious delicacy with refreshing yoghurt, mint chutney, or tart tamarind sauce to counterbalance the rich flavours.

4. Paneer Mughlai Paratha: 

A delicious dish with a rich taste, creamy texture, and exquisite flavour is paneer mughlai paratha. The filling has a rich, savoury flavour by the use of seasoned paneer (cottage cheese). The outside layer of the paratha gets crispy and brown, with a nice crunch. The paneer mixture is smoothed out, filled into the dough, and then cooked till golden brown on a griddle. Serve it with some raita, sour pickles, or mint chutney for a well-balanced and enjoyable lunch that embodies Mughlai cuisine.

5. Egg Chicken Mughlai Paratha: 

Egg Chicken Mughlai Paratha is a richly flavoured and tender treat. A symphony of flavours is produced by the filling, a savoury mixture of scrambled eggs and seasoned minced chicken. A delightful crunch is provided by the golden, crispy texture of the outer layer. The filling is prepared by rolling out a wheat dough, enclosing the filling, then pan-frying it. This rich paratha goes nicely with yoghurt, a side salad, or mint chutney; the cool flavours of the accompaniments balance the dish's deep flavours and provide a hearty, filling dinner.

6. Bengali Style Mughlai Paratha: 

Mughlai paratha prepared in the Bengali way is an exquisite dish with a complex flavour, rich taste, and aromatic flavour. The paratha has a savoury and luscious taste since it is filled with seasoned minced meat. The inside filling produces a rich and fulfilling sensation, while the outside layer reaches a crispy finish. To make, season the minced meat with spices, wrap it in a wheat dough, and pan-fry it till golden. This meal, which is the perfect example of the confluence of Mughlai and Bengali culinary traditions, goes well with yoghurt, mint chutney, or Bengali aloo dum (spiced potato curry).

7. Shahi Mughlai Paratha: 

Mughlai paratha prepared in the Shahi style has a royal flavour and texture. The filling contributes to the rich and savoury flavour character. It is typically an opulent mixture of minced meat, aromatic spices, and herbs. The outside layer gets crispy and golden, giving it a delicious crunch. The minced meat filling is prepared by seasoning, packing it into the dough, and pan-frying it. This royal paratha, in the grand tradition of Mughlai cuisine, goes incredibly well with yoghurt, pickles, or mint chutney to create a well-balanced and decadent supper fit for royalty.

8. Mushroom Mughlai Paratha: 

Mushroom Mughlai Paratha is a delectable dish that combines the flavour and texture of royalty. The paratha is filled with a regal blend of aromatic spices, thick cream, and mushrooms, creating a savoury and creamy dish. The outer layer crisps up to a beautiful brown. The stuffing is fried on a griddle after the dough has been rolled out and enclosed around it. To counterbalance the richness and create a regal feast that perfectly captures the splendour of Mughlai cuisine, pair it with a cool mint chutney or raita.