8 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes To Prepare The Night Before
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It doesn't matter how early you wake up. Even if you wake up bright and early, it often feels like there's never quite enough time to whip up breakfast before hurrying out the door. At times like these, make-ahead recipes can be a good option for making instant and wholesome breakfast in the morning.

Thanks to the refrigerators, making breakfast the night before is possible and it allows you to have something refreshing, nutritious and fulfilling in the morning before you go about your work. With easy preparations and healthy ingredients, these recipes can ensure a smooth start to your day, and storing in the fridge allows it to stay fresh through the night, without losing the taste.

From overnight oats to a wholesome breakfast casserole, learn about these recipes and prepare them tonight for a stress-free and satisfying morning ahead.

8 Overnight Breakfast Ideas For Easy Mornings

1) Overnight Oats

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Oats have always been a popular breakfast choice. Preparing it overnight allows the moisture and contents to absorb better and makes the flavour and texture a bit satisfying. While instant oats don't need to be soaked overnight due to fine granules, whole-rolled oats are generally preferred for this recipe.

2) Overnight Pancakes

Pancake mix can be prepared the night before. When the batter is rested overnight, the texture becomes slightly thicker, denser and fluffier. This also reduces the cooking time and you can whip them up instantly without creating a mess.

3) Make Ahead Casserole

Make-ahead casserole is always a banger as it allows you to relish different nutrients from different veggies all in a single recipe. These casseroles can be eaten cold or hot, depending on the recipe and preferences. It also takes less time to reheat and can be a wholesome lunch too.

4) Breakfast Cookies

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With the goodness of bananas, and oats and the taste of choco chips, breakfast cookies are for the early morning sweet cravings. You can prepare the batter the night before and let it rest in the fridge before baking the next morning. Or you can make a small batch of cookies at night and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

5) Breakfast Burritos

Burritos are one of the best recipes for on-the-go meals, as you can just grab one and rush out of the door if you don't have time to sit at the table to eat. With lots of healthy ingredients packed in a tortilla wrap, burritos can be easily made the night before and reheated in the morning for an instant meal.

6) Chia Pudding

Chia seeds soaked overnight can offer tremendous health benefits. It can be made into a satisfying pudding for morning dessert and enjoyed alongside meals. When you set the pudding overnight in the fridge, it develops a thick consistency. You can optionally top it with nuts and granola for more flavour.

7) Smoothies

Early morning breakfast can be much better when you get a delicious smoothie to pair with it. From vegetables to fruits, everything can be converted to a soothing smoothie and make the morning meal nutritious. You can easily store it overnight and even make big batches to savour for a week.

8) Yoghurt Parfaits

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Parfaits need time to set, therefore it is a great option for overnight breakfasts. Yoghurt parfaits combined with the goodness of fruits, granola and lots of options, you can make a delicious parfait your way to make a bright and tantalising morning treat.

Whether it's Monday or any day of the week, these make-ahead recipes are sure to delight you. Include your desired ingredients to vary the recipe your way and make sure to have a nutritious meal before you head out of the door.