8 Lesser Known Uses Of Garlic Peel That You Should Know
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Garlic has been such a significant part in Indian cuisine for many years that now we cannot imagine making some of the most celebrated Indian dishes without using garlic.  Garlic has so many health benefits other than adding flavour to your favourite dishes. Generally, we throw away the garlic peel and only use the interior part of the garlic. But you will be surprised to know that garlic peels are of multiple uses. Here is how you can use garlic peels at home and avoid unnecessary kitchen waste.

* Making Broth

Garlic peel along with a blend of other spices can be used in making the most delicious broth. All you have to do is take your favourite vegetables, herbs and spices along with garlic peels and add everything in some water. Not only will it be amazingly aromatic, but it will also add a lot of flavour to the soup. You can even add some rice or noodles to this broth and make a complete this out of it. Garlic peels give a similar taste to garlic cloves but their flakiness gives it a different touch of its own.

* Bread Dough

The skin of garlic is infused with a natural moisture or liquid that can be used in kneading the most perfect dough for your bread. If you want to add a garlicky taste to your bread dough then all you have to do is simply add some chopped skin of the garlic to your dough. Because of the natural moisture present in these peels, the texture of your dough will be better and of course, the taste will be enhanced. You can also add some other herbs and spices of your own choice to make a flavourful bread.

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* Plant Fertiliser 

Garlic skin can also be used as the perfect plant fertiliser at home. These peels have a higher quantity of nitrogen and sulphur that is broken down upon the dissolvation of these peels in the soil. This can be the most perfect natural fertiliser for your plants and you will see an instant improvement in your plant health after you start adding garlic skin to the soil. This is a great way to utilise your garlic fields instead of just throwing them away.

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* Fried Rice

You can also use the skin of garlic to add in fried rice, Pulao or even biryani. If you are running short on garlic, then you can just simply add some garlic peels along with garlic clove to your rice. Just make sure that you boil your garlic peels before adding them to your rice so that these peels are edible and you can digest them smoothly. Upon adding garlic feels you will see that your rice will get a very unique flavour. this is a great way of utilising your leftover garlic to its fullest potential.

* Hair Growth

A lot of studies have shown that using garlic peels and adding them to your water while taking a shower can contribute immensely towards hair growth. It is also useful in killing any germs or bacteria that might be present on your scalp. You can clog your scalp pores by using water that is infused with the goodness of garlic. It will also keep your hair soft and shiny. Instead of wasting your garlic cloves, what you can do is use the skin of garlic, and put that in boiling water to make your garlic-infused water.

* Herbal Tea

Garlic peel can also be used to make an herbal tea that you can easily replace with your normal tea which is not good for your health. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce stress. This can be a perfect way to start your day on a healthy note. In winter, you can add some honey and drink it warm every morning for the best results. It will also stimulate better digestion.

* Treating Inflamed Skin

Garlic peel can also be used in treating itchiness and inflammation on the skin. You can simply make a tonic out of garlic skin along with some water and honey and apply it on your face. It will also decrease redness on your skin. Always remember that you must do a patch test before using it on your face as it might not be suitable for some people. Never apply something to your face directly before checking its reaction on some other part of your body.

These are some of the lesser-known uses of garlic peels that are otherwise thought of as kitchen waste. you can try all these things one by one and let us know which one you like the best.