8 Incredible Gujarati Snacks You Must Binge On This Monsoon
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When it comes to creating the best snacks in the world, especially India, Gujaratis are clearly prone to creating some of the most delicious. From Khakhra and Khandvi to Dhokla and Fafda-Jalebi, the farsaan and snacks originating in this state are now popular and available not only in India but also across the globe. So, you would naturally assume that when it comes to monsoon—the official Indian season of indulging in decadent and crispy snacks—Gujarati cuisine might just have some amazing goodies to offer. And you’d be right too! 

Gujarati cuisine does have plenty of monsoon-special snacks to offer. These snacks are not only prepared from seasonal ingredients and flavours, but also add variations to popular recipes you might already be familiar with. This is also the time to note that though the most popular Gujarati snacks have been commercialised now, there are plenty more which barely get any recognition at all. So, forget all about Dhokla, Handvo, Khandvi and Fafda Jalebi and get ready to indulge in Gujarati snacks you might never have even heard of before. 

The best bit is, these Gujarati monsoon-special snacks might be new to you, but the ingredients you need to make them are quite readily available. Given this fact, wouldn’t you love to make a change and indulge in these amazing Gujarati monsoon-special snacks today? Here is a whole list of them for you to try. 

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Kand Na Bhajiya 

Kand Na Bhajiya is a delectable monsoon-special snack made from purple yam (kand) slices coated in a spiced chickpea flour batter. These crispy fritters are a burst of flavors and textures. Seasoned with aromatic spices like cumin, turmeric, and chili powder, they offer a delightful balance of heat and tanginess. Served hot with mint chutney or tamarind sauce, Kand Na Bhajiya is a beloved treat during the rainy season, bringing comfort and joy to taste buds with every crunchy bite. 

Kela Methi Bhajiya 

Kela Methi Bhajiya is a pakoda variety made with ripe banana and fresh fenugreek leaves. The bananas and fenugreek leaves are mashed together are dipped in a spiced chickpea flour batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. The combination of the sweet, soft bananas with the slightly bitter and aromatic fenugreek leaves creates a unique flavor profile that tantalizes the palate. These crispy fritters are seasoned with a blend of spices, making them a perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of tea.  

Poha Pakoda 

Poha Pakoda is a snack made of poha or flattened rice mixed with besan or gram flour. Made with an array of spices, this recipe creates a flavorful batter that envelops the softness of soaked poha. These golden-fried fritters boast a crispy texture with a hint of tanginess, making them an irresistible treat during the rainy season. Served hot with green chutney or tamarind sauce, Gujarati Poha Pakoda brings a burst of flavors to rainy afternoons. 


Fulwadi is a delightful monsoon-special snack that very few beyond Gujarat know about. Made with besan, spices, and a medley of herbs, these crisp and savory treats are shaped into spiral rolls and deep-fried to perfection. Fulwadi's delightful crunch and bold flavors, with hints of garlic, chili, and cumin, make it an irresistible accompaniment to a hot cup of tea on rainy days.  


Gota is a delectable monsoon-special snack that is made from a mixture of gram flour, semolina, and spices. This savory fritter boasts a unique blend of flavors and textures. Fresh vegetables like spinach, fenugreek leaves, and onions are added to the batter, enhancing its taste and nutritional profile. Deep-fried to a golden crisp, Gota offers a delightful crunch with each bite. Served hot with chutney or sauce, this beloved Gujarati snack is the perfect companion to enjoy the rain-soaked ambiance of the monsoon season. 

Ras Patra 

A variation of the popular Patra or Aluvadi, Ras Patra is a sweet and savoury treat. It features colocasia leaves smeared with a spicy gram flour paste, seasoned with a medley of aromatic spices. Rolled and steamed to perfection, Ras Patra offers a tender texture and an explosion of flavors. Once cooked, it is sliced and shallow-fried for a delightful crispness and is dipped in a sugar syrup before being served.  

Lilva Kachori 

Lilva Kachori is not just a monsoon snack from Gujarat but also a heritage dish. These flaky, deep-fried kachoris are filled with a luscious mixture of fresh pigeon peas (lilva), coconut, and a harmonious blend of spices. The golden-brown kachoris offer a delectable contrast of textures, with a crispy outer layer and a savory, flavorful filling. Served hot with tangy chutney, Lilva Kachori is a beloved treat during the rainy season. 

Vatana Ghughra 

Vatana Ghughra is a delicious variation of Gujiya or Karanji. These crescent-shaped pastries are stuffed with a savoury filling made from vatana or dry green peas, grated coconut, and spices like cumin, ginger and green chillies. Deep-fried to a golden hue, Vatana Ghughra boasts a crispy and flaky texture that encases the flavorful filling. Served with or without chutneys, Vatana Ghughra is a must-have during monsoons as well as a part of Gujarati Thalis.