8 Helpful Tips To Keep Bugs Away From Rice; Read On
Image Credit: Rice | Image Credit: Freepik.com

The summer season is here, and so is the problem of bug infestations. No matter how well you keep it clean, you’ll find bugs and insects crawling through the walls of your home. It becomes more unpleasant when they are found in the kitchen pantry. What gets most affected in the kitchen is rice. Although we try hard to keep rice in airtight containers and dark places, we often find rice infested with bugs. 

This is because bugs are attracted to cool, dark, and damp places, making containers their perfect place to stay. Even with the correct storage method and all precautions, bugs may find their way to the rice, making it almost impossible to stop them. However, you do not need any gadgets or complex methods to get rid of those bugs. Simple kitchen hacks can come in handy. 

Bugs commonly cannot withstand the strong aroma of cinnamon and clove. This is because they contain a lot of eugenols, a popular insect repellent ingredient. The spicy heat and strong aroma of both cinnamon and clove disrupt the pheromones of insects, separating them from their fellow bugs and breaking their communication. 

Here are some tips to keep bugs away from rice:

1. Bay Leaves  

It is one of the easiest methods to keep rice bug-free. Add 2–3 bay leaves to the rice container and put them in between the rice. The bugs cannot tolerate the smell of the leaves of the bitter plant and bay leaves are more like repellants that affect the bugs reproduction. Therefore, adding bay leaves into the container will keep the bugs away. However, make sure to seal the container properly. 

2. Neem Leaves   

Just like bay leaves, neem leaves have a strong aroma and affect the bugs, which is disliked by bugs. Thus, it is one of the simple methods to keep bugs away from rice. Add some neem leaves in between the rice and watch how the bugs run away from them. 

3. Cloves  

The strong aroma of the cloves keeps the bugs away from the rice. Add a handful of cloves to the rice container along with the rice. The strong scent of the cloves will fight off the bugs and avoid infestation. You can also sprinkle some cloves around the cupboard shelves where rice containers are kept. 

4. Garlic  

This is one of the handier methods, as garlic is easily available in the kitchen. Add peeled garlic pods to your rice container, thus keeping the bugs away. The sulphur content in garlic acts as insect-repellent which keeps the bugs away from rice. You must keep a check on them often and replace them with fresh pods after the previous ones dry up. Besides, keep the rice in airtight containers. 

5. Mint Leaves   

The aroma of the mint leaves, also known as pudina, will keep the bugs at bay. While adding mint leaves to the rice, it is important to avoid wetting the leaves. Wet leaves add moisture and dampness to the rice, which may become a breeding ground for bugs. This can spoil the rice and lead to health issues. 

6. Fridge   

It is advised to store rice in batches inside the fridge. The frigid temperatures will keep all the weevils and bugs from infesting the rice. Later, you can keep them at room temperature in airtight containers. 

7. Matchbox   

This may sound weird, but keeping matchboxes is an efficient method to keep the rice bugs free. Matchboxes contain sulphur, which acts like fungicide and can ultimately kill the inscets. Keep an open matchbox near grains and bugs, and weevils will not be seen thereabouts. 

8. Sunlight  

If the rice has already been affected by bugs, spread it on a sheet and place it under sunlight for a day. Insects do not like sunlight, and they will run away from it. Later, place the rice in a clean, dry, and airtight container.