8 Egg Hacks To Transform One's Life
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Most people do not have a lot of time to prepare their breakfast. Everyone has to leave for jobs or prepare breakfast for someone who has to leave early for the job or school. In this case, the time window to prepare breakfast is quite brief and yet the breakfast has to be healthy since it's the first meal of the day. Eggs have been a breakfast companion for many people for decades now. 

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They are versatile and also very nutritious. But a lot of times, people end up making eggs incorrectly because of a lack of knowledge of proper technique. Even though eggs are easy to cook, it doesn't mean that one doesn't need any level of precision and skill in cooking eggs. Following the wrong technique for making eggs spoils the whole purpose of saving time. Here are some life-changing egg hacks that everyone needs to know.

* Separating Eggs Yolk From White

A lot of people face problems while separating egg yolks from white. During the process, the yolk often starts leaking, and the whole egg becomes spoiled. A simple trick to separate the egg yolk from the white part of the egg is to use a water bottle and create suction with it. With the help of the suction, one can take in the yolk part from the whole egg easily. This will not create any mess and also helps in the smooth separation of the two particles.

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* Poached Eggs

One should not waste their time and energy poaching eggs. Poaching eggs is one of the most beloved ways of eating eggs, but it is also quite difficult to make. An easy way to make poached eggs is by cooking them in the microwave. One can simply put the cracked eggs in a microwave and heat them for a few seconds. Not only will this prevent egg wastage, but it will also save a lot of time. The chances of failure are also minimal.

* Omelette In Microwave 

The possibility of making an omelette in a microwave may come as a surprise to many people. To make an omelette in the microwave, simply whisk the eggs and mix them with some vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and capsicums. Now, on a flat plate, one simply has to lay down the mixture and microwave it for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Within a span of a few seconds, one will get a perfectly cooked omelette without using any butter or oil.

* Removing Egg Shells

Removing tiny eggshells from a boiled egg can be painstaking. No matter how much one tries, a single shell of egg always remains stuck. Using the hands of spoons leads to egg wastage as a lot of edible egg white also comes off along with the eggshell. The best way to remove egg shells is to use another piece of egg to remove these shells.

* Sieving Eggs

Everyone likes having scrambled eggs that are fluffy and perfectly cooked. The best way to cook scrambled eggs is to sieve the egg mixture before cooking them in the pan. This process will help remove any moisture that might be present in the egg mixture. One should not add any vegetables before the saving process and only add vegetables once the eggs have been sieved and put inside the pan.

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* Egg Sandwiches

The key to making the perfect egg sandwich is to make a round egg patty. It is not at all impossible to make a proper and perfectly cooked egg party at home. One can simply buy a nonstick egg ring from the market and gently crack an egg inside the ring. Now, the egg patty has to be cooked on medium heat for some time so that the egg is cooked properly from the inside. Within a few minutes, the egg ring can be removed, and with the help of a spatula, one can cook it properly in the pan. 

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* Mashed Potatoes And Eggs

Adding some eggs to mashed potatoes can make them super creamy. This is also a healthier way of enjoying creamy mashed potatoes and not adding any cream or butter to the potatoes. The right way to go about it is by adding the yolk part of the egg inside the mashed potatoes. Mixing these properly will give the smoothest mixture. Try to complete the process before the potatoes turn cold, as cold potatoes will not be able to absorb the yolk completely.

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* Boiled Eggs

To have the best soft-boiled eggs, one should place raw eggs in boiling water for 6 to 7 minutes. If one wants to get hard-boiled eggs that are firm and not overcooked, then they should be kept in cold water that is boiled after keeping the raw eggs inside them. The process should be done for 10 minutes, even if the water has come to a boil earlier, for best results.