8 Delectable Crepe Fillings To Elevate Your Brunch Experience
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Crepes are a quintessential French food that are available in several variations and flavours. These crumbly and appetising pancakes, crafted from eggs, caster sugar, flour, vanilla essence, and milk, have taken the global food scene by storm recently. They feature extensively in brunch menus as well as other curated culinary experiences. Resembling the Desi “dosa,” these thin treats can be enjoyed as sweet or savoury foods, depending on one’s preference.

The crepe fillings must be chosen with great care as quite often, this element may make or break the taste of the dish. Some commonly used fillings for savoury pancakes include mushrooms, eggs, ham, and cheese; the use of such robust fillings for these crepes ensures that they serve as filling meals, if needed. The focus of this article, though, is sweet crepes. As these crepes are inherently sweet, one must strive for fillings that counterbalance the sweetness rather than overwhelm one’s palate with excessive sugar.

Check out the top 8 most delectable sweet crepe fillings.

Greek Yoghurt And Blueberries

Give your crepes a healthy twist by infusing them with succulent Greek yoghurt and juicy blueberries. The creamy yoghurt lends the crepes a somewhat tangy and sweet note, whereas the blueberries are perfect accompaniments to the yoghurt, balancing out its sweetness. You can use blueberries in multiple forms, frozen or fresh; even invigorating blueberry jam can seamlessly be incorporated into crepes.

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Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a classic dessert ingredient that will always remain popular owing to its versatility. It pairs well with a host of culinary items, including milkshakes, ice creams, and crepes. Add a touch of decadence to your crepe by pumping the cream between the crepe sandwich-style to create a dessert resembling a cake. You can further enhance the dish by adding fresh fruit for some tang and bite.

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Lemon, Butter, And Sugar

Like whipped cream, lemon, butter, and sugar are also a timeless combination. In fact, butter and sugar are vital ingredients that go into the preparation of crepes, with the butter melding effortlessly into the warm crepes to produce a sinful and aromatic dish. Once sugar and butter have been integrated, introduce lemon juice by squeezing it on the crepes alongside lemon zest to give the dish a refreshing quality.


Chocolate is an evergreen ingredient that almost always elevates sweet dishes to the next level. To this effect, chocolate fillings in sweet crepes taste sublime. You can use chocolate in many forms in your crepes, whether it’s a dark chocolate sauce or a tasty chocolate-based spread. Other ingredients that pair well with chocolate and are likely to enhance the flavour of your crepes include nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts as well as bananas.

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Ice Cream

Ice cream is quite a substantial and widely treasured dessert on its own. But are you aware that its taste profile significantly improves when coupled with crepes? Crepes and ice creams comprise different textures which support each other effortlessly; for example, the coolness of the ice cream wonderfully balances the warmth of the crepe, helping craft a texturally rich and complex sweet dish.

Maple Syrup And Berries

Traditional pancakes and maple syrup is a popular combination that's relished worldwide. Being a form of pancake, maple syrup blends remarkably well with crepes as well. Ensure to find the best premium quality maple syrup you can find to give the dish maximum flavour. You can also garnish the crepes with some berries, including blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to add a hint of sourness to the sweet treat.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has the ability to uplift regular crepes to the next level by infusing them with a symphony of contrasting flavours, including sweet, salty, nutty, and creamy. If you like your dishes crunchy, choose the chunky form of peanut butter; however, if you like your palate to feel smooth and velvety, go for the creamy variety of peanut butter. This combination of crepes and peanut butter is guaranteed to delight children and adults alike.

Apple Cinnamon

This filling is particularly popular during autumn season, joining a host of other similarly flavoured sweet treats, including spiced apple cinnamon latte and more. This filling imbues the crepes with added notes of sweetness, with both apple and cinnamon being inherently sweet in flavour. To counteract this sweetness, blend the sliced apples and cinnamon filling with spices, such as nutmeg and cardamom.