8 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Coriander Leaves
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Coriander leaves, known as "dhaniya" in Hindi, hold a special place in Indian cuisine. These vivid green leaves are an essential component of the culinary tradition, not merely a garnish. Even the most straightforward meals may be elevated to astonishing heights with the distinct flavour and scent of coriander leaves. Coriander leaves are a symbol of freshness and are frequently connected to lovingly prepared home-cooked meals for Indians.

They improve taste, colour, and authenticity in several dishes. From chutneys to stews, coriander leaves are versatile. Apart from their versatility, coriander leaves promote healthy vision and support immunity. They may help manage blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol. These leaves help improve cardiovascular health, bone health, enhance gut health, and promote skin health.

When you have leftover coriander leaves, try these delicious dishes to use them up and make every meal delicious. Everyone in the household would love to try these out, no matter even if you have kids who are picky eaters.

Dishes To Prepare When You Have Leftover Coriander Leaves

Corn & Coriander Fritters

Corn and coriander fritters are a delightful way to use leftover coriander leaves. Corn and coriander lend sweetness and citrusiness to these fritters. The plain and rice flour batter makes them crunchy, which contrasts well with the soft corn kernels. Whether shallow-fried or air-fried for a healthier version, these fritters make a perfect snack or appetiser. Serving them with a side of avocado salsa and grilled bacon adds richness, while the roasted cherry tomatoes provide a burst of sweetness.

The versatility of these fritters makes them suitable for any meal. They can be eaten alone or with dips and sauces. This easy yet tasty recipe uses up leftover coriander leaves, preventing the waste of this beautiful plant.

Tandoori Chicken Coriander Salad

Tandoori chicken coriander salad mixes tandoori spices with fresh coriander. Tandoori paste and yoghurt marinade the chicken, making it sour and spicy. Roasted baby potatoes seasoned with curry powder, add a hearty element to the salad. Fresh mesclun lettuce, finely sliced red onion, cucumber, and green beans provide a crisp and refreshing base. The addition of roasted salted cashews adds a delightful crunch and nutty flavour.

A simple sauce of basic yoghurt, water, sugar, and curry powder binds the salad together beautifully. Delicious and nutritious, this recipe is a healthy meal. The coriander leaves, both in the marinade and as a garnish, impart a fresh and aromatic note that complements the tandoori spices perfectly.

Vegetable Samosas with Fresh Coriander Chutney

Vegetable samosas with fresh coriander chutney are delicious. The samosas are filled with a spicy mixture of potatoes, peas, corn, and a blend of aromatic spices, all wrapped in flaky puff pastry. The coriander chutney, made with fresh coriander leaves, shallots, green chilli, garlic, lime juice, and garam masala, adds a vibrant and tangy flavour that perfectly complements the savoury filling of the samosas.

These samosas are ideal for serving at parties or as an evening snack. The crispy pastry combined with the soft and spicy filling creates a delightful contrast in textures. The chutney not only enhances the flavour but also adds a burst of freshness, making each bite a pleasure. Using leftover coriander leaves for the chutney ensures that every part of this versatile herb is utilised, reducing waste and adding a delicious element to the dish.

Lemon Coriander Chicken Curry

Lemon coriander chicken curry is a comforting dish that blends the zesty flavours of lemon and the freshness of coriander. This homestyle Indian curry is made with chicken on the bone, which adds depth to the flavour. The chicken is cooked with a mix of spices, including coriander powder, cumin, turmeric, and Kashmiri chili powder, creating a rich and aromatic base. Fresh lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves are added towards the end, giving the curry a bright and tangy finish.

This curry is perfect for those who crave a hearty and warming meal. The coriander leaves not only enhance the flavour but also add a fresh and vibrant colour to the dish. Served with rice or flatbreads, this lemon coriander chicken curry is sure to become a family favourite. It's a great way to use up leftover coriander leaves while enjoying a delicious and comforting meal.

Green Chilli and Coriander Chicken Soup

This chicken soup is loaded with greens and flavoured with coriander, making it both nutritious and delicious. The broth is prepared with coriander roots, garlic, ginger, leek, lemongrass, sesame oil, mirin, soy, and chicken, simmered until deeply flavoured. The chicken is then shredded and returned to the pot along with a mix of greens like broccoli, baby spinach, and cavolo nero.

The final touch is a blend of chopped coriander leaves, extra garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, and green chillies, which is stirred into the soup just before serving. This soup is perfect for a wholesome meal, offering a mix of textures and flavours. The coriander leaves add a fresh and aromatic note that enhances the overall taste. It's an excellent way to incorporate leftover coriander leaves into a nutritious and satisfying dish.

Prawns With Coriander And Chilli Butter

This prawn dish features a rich coriander and chilli butter, making it a quick and impressive meal for seafood lovers. The prawns are topped with a mixture of softened butter, garlic, chillies, anchovies, white pepper, and lime zest and juice, then roasted until cooked through. The coriander butter melts over the prawns, infusing them with a deliciously rich and aromatic flavour.

This dish is easy to prepare and perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a special occasion. The fresh coriander adds a burst of colour and freshness, while the chilli butter provides a spicy kick. Served with lime wedges, this prawn dish will surely be a hit with family and friends. Using leftover coriander leaves in the butter ensures that none of this versatile herb goes to waste.

Chicken And Coriander Money Bags

These chicken and coriander money bags are crispy on the outside and filled with a flavourful mixture, served with a tangy dipping sauce. The filling is made from minced chicken, finely chopped coriander stem and root, water chestnuts, oyster sauce, palm sugar, and lemongrass paste. The mixture is wrapped in wonton wrappers and tied with garlic chives before being fried to golden perfection.

The money bags are served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce made from fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, and red chilli. The coriander leaves add a fresh and aromatic note to the filling, making these money bags a delightful snack or appetiser. Using leftover coriander leaves for the filling and garnish ensures that this herb is fully utilised, adding a burst of flavour to the dish.

Crunchy Pappadum And Coriander Pilaf

This pilaf, enhanced with coriander, is perfect for soaking up curry sauces and adding a crunchy texture to your meal. The rice is cooked with browned onions in butter, then simmered with vegetable stock until tender. Pappadums, microwaved until crispy, are mixed with the rice along with fresh parsley and coriander leaves, adding a burst of freshness and crunch.

The pilaf is topped with additional pappadums, reserved browned onions, and a dollop of Greek-style yoghurt. This side dish is not only delicious but also visually appealing, with the bright green coriander leaves standing out against the golden rice. It's a great way to use up leftover coriander leaves and add a unique twist to a traditional rice dish.

Leftover coriander leaves can be turned into a variety of delicious dishes. From fritters and salads to curries and soups, coriander adds a burst of flavour and freshness to every meal. These recipes not only make the best use of leftover coriander leaves but also ensure that your meals are both nutritious and delightful.