8 Cooling Drinks To Make Spicy Food More Tolerable And Enjoyable
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Eating spicy food can be an overwhelming experience for someone who doesn't have a higher spice threshold. There is indeed nothing like eating an exorbitantly spicy dish, but one might not be able to have it after a couple of bites because of its spiciness. But that doesn't mean that one should refrain from eating spicy food. 

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The thumb rule for eating highly spicy food is combining it with a complimentary drink that helps in striking a flavour equilibrium. The sweet and rejuvenating flavour of the drink must be able to balance the fiery taste of the food. Here are eight drinks that one can pair with their spicy food to elaborate the experience of eating flavourful food even more.

* Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural source of hydration and also quenches one’s thirst instantly. The sweetness level in coconut water is also not extremely high which is why it is perfect for people who don't like having sweet drinks. Also, since it's a natural source of hydration, it is a healthier option as compared to other drinks that one might find in restaurants and cafes. The tropical and rejuvenating flavours of coconut water can help in cutting down the heat of the spicy food.

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* Ice Tea

Ice tea is a very refreshing drink that instantly rejuvenates the mind. Ice tea is generally available in lemon and peach flavours at most restaurants. The lemon flavour of ice tea is fresher as compared to the Peach version which is slightly sweeter. There is also a bunch of mint leaves in ice tea which makes it even more refreshing. To top it off, one can just add some lemon juice. This goes extremely well with the spicy breakfast full of red and green chillies. 

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* Hibiscus Iced Tea

Hibiscus Iced Tea is as visually appealing as its flavours. This tea is a mixture of multiple flavours and notes. Hibiscus tea can also be made very easily at home by brewing some hibiscus tea bags. It is a very light tea and for slight sweetness, one can add a bit of honey in the tea. The tangy and tasty notes of the tea help in cutting any type of high spice level in the food.

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* Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a great option for people who are all about heavy meals and do not want to compromise with the flavour palette of the food and beverages that they have. Lassi which is made from curd is a very famous drink in North India that is generally consumed with fresh and crispy parathas. Mango Lassi is made by mixing some mangoes along with Lassi. The Mango Lassi can go with any kind of spicy food and the sweetness of mangoes can counter all types of spicy food. Having mango Lassi with some spicy food is going to be the best meal of one's life.

* Ginger Lemonade 

Everyone has grown up drinking lemonade prepared at home, especially during summer evenings. Lemonade is a healthy way of hydrating the body with an appetising beverage that is made at home. Ginger can be introduced to the conventional lemonade recipe as it has zesty flavours that revamp the taste of the regular lemonade. Adding a lot of ice cubes in some sugar is going to make the average lemonade spectacular and a perfect companion for spicy food.

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* Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber is another great source of natural hydration and has very high water content. This is the reason why it is often advised to eat a lot of cucumber salad during summer as it helps with water retention. Making cucumber cooler is the perfect way to balance the spiciness of a particular dish. If one cannot think of the perfect drink for a spicy dish, then it is always safe to go for a drink that is hydrating and refreshing.

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* Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is probably the most revitalising drink on this list. Adding some citrusy flavours to sparkling water is pretty hassle-free and a quick way to prepare a delicious appetiser that can be paired with a spicy drink. One can go for different sources of citrus flavours like orange, lime and lemon, as all of them help in adding a refreshing taste to the sparkling water.

* Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Pineapple coconut smoothie is a boujee drink that transports a person to some tropical Paradise surrounded by coconut trees and serene beaches. This is a blend of some fresh pineapples and coconut milk with slight hints of lime juice and some ice cream to enhance the texture of the drink. This is a creamy, hearty, and fresh drink that goes well with any kind of spicy food.