8 Cleaning Hacks To Avoid An-After Party Mess
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It is a great experience to have good food and dance to one's favourite music with their close associates. Organising house parties gives one the freedom to do things their way. The menu can be created as per one's liking, as well as people can be invited as per the party organiser's preference. However, organising a house party also requires one to strategise everything very carefully. 

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One of the downsides of organising house parties is the fact that the house gets extremely dirty. After-party mess is something that all party organisers must be prepared for beforehand. Here are some effective after-party classes that can come in handy for people who are planning to organise parties.

* Empty dishwasher

During parties, one needs a lot of clean dishes because guests are constantly eating or drinking something. In this case, one would run out of crockery and utensils. So, a good way to prepare for house parties is to empty one's dishwasher beforehand. This will help instantly clean the dirty dishes and avoid the accumulation of dirty utensils.

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* Use Disposable Crockery 

A simple way of avoiding a lot of unnecessary dirty utensils and crockery is to use disposable crockery. Different types of disposable crockeries, like paper glasses, thermocol plates, and many other things, are available on the market. These do not have to be used again and again and can be simply thrown in the bin. As the menu of a house party is generally quite exaggerated, guests have to take new plates again and again. Using disposable crockery is an easy way to avoid cleaning multiple utensils.

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* Arrange A Lot Of Trash bags

Generally, when people have a house party, they don't know where to dispose of the dirty dishes and utensils. Most people prefer using paper crockery that guests randomly throw around. This can be easily avoided by simply putting a lot of trash bags in each corner of the house and instructing everyone to throw all the waste in these trash bags. After the party is over, a person can easily throw these trash bags away without having to collect everything manually.

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* Use Tablecloths

While calling multiple guests at home, there is always a chance that furniture can be spoiled and stained due to spillage. Before the party begins, one can quickly cover everything with tablecloth, specifically the furniture that gets stained pretty quickly. Once the party is over, the tablecloth can be taken out and washed again. There are also a lot of disposable tablecloths that are for one-time use purposes. Any of the two types of tablecloths will fulfil the purpose.

* Good Ventilation 

Proper ventilation is very important to make sure that the food and the drinks that are consumed by the guests do not create a foul smell inside the house. It is very important to ensure that the space chosen for conducting the house party is airy so that there is proper circulation of fresh air. This becomes important, specifically during the summer season. However, in winter, one can arrange for a place where there is an exhaust fan. 

* Clean Up Spills Instantly 

Spills are inevitable during house parties, and the best way to tackle them is to instantly clean them as soon as they happen. A great way is to simply assign the person who has spilt the food the duty of cleaning it as well. One must keep a cleaning bottle handy as well as a cloth so that anything that gets dirty can be cleaned instantly. Things like a vacuum cleaner and a small dustpan can also be kept close.

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* Choose Menu Carefully 

It is always a great idea to decide on the party menu, which is full of a lot of tempting dishes. However, when deciding the menu for a party, it is important to choose dishes that are not too messy. One must avoid cooking food that involves a lot of heavy gravy or stew. Instead, prepare things like sandwiches, bread rolls, and pizzas that are handy and do not spill that easily. It's also alright to keep frozen fruit on the counter table so that people can microwave them as per their preference.

* Pack The Leftover Food For The Guests

At a lot of house parties, people are always left with leftover food that has to be thrown away. This not only increases the work for the person who organises the party but also leads to a lot of food wastage. A good idea to utilise this leftover food is to ask all the guests to bring containers in which this food can be packed. Guests can simply take the packed food back home.