8 Best Tips To Make Healthy Mocktails For Summer
Image Credit: Summer drinks, Pexels

Summertime is the perfect occasion to relax and enjoy a cool drink sans the use of alcohol. Yes, the hint is towards mocktails. However, the season calls for the ones that assure health. It goes without saying that one must thoroughly understand the tricks of a pro mixologist. It can guarantee improved flavour, health, and enjoyment. To prepare healthy mocktails, you only need to remember a few recommendations. Here are 8 savvy tips on how to craft delectable and healthful mocktails that will tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

Fresh veggies and fruits

Make your mocktails taste more delicious and natural using fresh fruits and vegetables to add sweetness and flavour. Think of seasonal fruits such as watermelon, litchi, musk melon, mangoes, and ice apples. Likewise, hydrating vegetables such as cucumber makes an ideal choice for healthy mocktails. 

Herbal hint

If you want your mocktail to have more depth and complexity, don't be hesitant to experiment when you're creating it using a variety of spices, seasonings and herbs. Adding fresh green chillies and curry leaves in a tangy-flavoured mocktail infuses a great flavour. 

A healthy fizz

Mocktails with a fizz taste are refreshing, especially in summer. Ah, a refreshing effervescent elixir! Sparkling water's crisp and clean essence is a delightful addition to any libation. Its effervescence adds a lively texture, and its neutral flavour profile allows other ingredients to shine. Cheers to the bubbly brilliance of sparkling water! It is highly recommended to maintain a low caloric profile for your mocktails. For a healthier and more refreshing option, consider incorporating club soda or sparkling water in lieu of saccharine sodas.

Fresh citrus juice

Lemons and juice squeezer, Image Source: Pexels

Summer and the tart and tang flavours are best paired while making healthy mocktails. Behold a tantalizing elixir of freshly squeezed citrus nectar! Instead of bottled or packaged juice, add fresh citrus to your mocktails to give them a vibrant, tangy flavour. Use freshly squeezed juices from limes, lemons, oranges to sweet limes. 

Rehydrating ingredients

The hot sunny days often leave the body dehydrated. To add electrolytes and hydration to your mocktails, consider using coconut water as the basis. This natural hydrant is one of the staple sources during summer.


In both health and illness, antioxidants play a crucial role. They aid by eliminating free radicals, which are potentially dangerous substances. Give your regular mocktails a healthy tweak by adding a good amount of antioxidants. Use herbal infusions or unsweetened tea to give your mocktails flavour and antioxidants.

Drinks with herbs and fruits garnishing, Image Source: Pexels

Natural sweeteners

When it comes to sweeteners, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are not always the answers. They provide little in the way of nutritional value and only serve to increase the caloric content of your drink. Fear not, for plenty of natural alternatives can sweeten your libations. The possibilities are endless, from honey and agave nectar to maple syrup and stevia. Explore the natural sweetener world and find the perfect match for your next masterpiece. Remember to exercise restraint when incorporating them into your libations.

Enticing toppings

Visually enticing garnishes add an extra layer of flavour and aroma to your libations. Elevate your mocktails to the next level by adorning them with hand-picked herbs, delectable edible flowers, or zesty citrus slices. Not only will this enhance the aesthetic appeal, but it will also tantalize your taste buds with an explosion of flavours.