8 Authentic Iranian Dishes One Needs To Know About
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Iranian cuisine is an umbrella term that is used for the various dishes and beverages that fall under the food culture of Iran. Historically, Iran was called Persia, which is why it is also known for its Persian cuisine. Iran is a very ethnically diverse country, which is why different ethnic groups have contributed to the development of this cuisine. Iranian food also draws substantial influences from its neighbouring countries such as Russia, Turkey, caucasian countries and a lot of central Asian countries. 

The cuisine also travelled to different countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other countries throughout the Mughal Empire, and it was further subjected to regional interpretations. Typically, most Iranian dishes are dominated by the usage of meat and rice. In this article, one can find some of the most authentic and old Iranian dishes.

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* Bademjan

Bademjan, also called Khoresh Bademjan is a special Irani dish that is made from a stew of tomatoes and eggplant. The dish also has a very dominant taste of turmeric and a sheer layer of oil that is present on the top of the lamb. Most of the dishes in Iran are slow-cooked on medium heat as it helps in bringing together all the ingredients properly. This is a very tarty and tangy main course dish that is generally consumed with white rice. People like to add some lemon or grape juice just before consuming it.

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* Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab is a dish that is served with saffron rice and a lot of grilled tomatoes on the side. It is one of the many varieties of kebabs that one can find in Iran. A lot of people also like to consider it the national dish of Iran, which was invented during the Qajar dynasty. The dish is also very popular in Kolkata and is an important part of the homecoming ritual. The kebabs have a very smoky and juicy flavour, and minced lamb is used to make this kebab.

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* Zereshk Polo

Zereshk Polo is an indispensable part of Persian cuisine. The classic dish is made using different types of ingredients, such as saffron, turmeric, rice, and barberry, to give it an array of flavours. The dish is loaded with a lot of red berries that are first dried before being added to the rice to give them a very nice touch. It is generally served with some flavoured hot chicken.

* Gormeh Sabzi

Gormeh Sabzi is a classic amalgamation of herbs, lamb and kidney beans. This is a highly nutritious and flavourful dish that is consumed both with rice and flatbread in Iran. It is famous for its sour and tarty flavours. A lot of lime juice, fenugreek seeds, and red chilli powder are used to make this delicious sabzi. The gravy of this dish is kept very low and thick, but it is extremely powerful in terms of taste.

* Baghali Polo

Baghali Polo is also a classical rice dish that can be prepared by using fava beans, dill, and rice. Baghali means fava beans in the Persian language, and polo means pilaf. This is a delicacy made from rice and a lot of green broad beans that are put inside boiling water. Once the rice is properly cooked, it is layered with dill inside a pan, and everything is baked in the oven until it's properly cooked. Just like a lot of other dishes in Iran, people also like to add a lot of saffron to the water in this dish while boiling rice. This is usually served with different types of meat dishes.

* Persian Chicken Kebab

Persian chicken kebab is a famous delicacy, not just in Iran but in the whole world. The dish is an experience in itself and is made with a concoction of saffron, black pepper, turmeric, lemon juice, Greek yoghurt, and some other spices. This dish is made by first coating chicken breasts with a lot of spices and then grilling them until they become properly crunchy. The dish has a very nice taste of blue, saffron, lemon, and yoghurt, which helps add a lot of freshness to the kebabs.

* Ash e Reshteh

Ash e Reshteh is a delicious noodle soup that is made from beans, herbs, noodles, and different types of green vegetables like spinach and beetroot leaves. To further enhance the flavour of the dish, it is topped with some crunchy fried onions, mint oil, fermented whey and some sour kashk. It is a side dish that is widely consumed in the Middle East, and it has different types of dishes.

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* Tahdig

Tahdig is an authentic Persian recipe that consists of crunchy fried rice. This is a one-pot recipe that is made by using layers of Basmati rice that are mixed with yoghurt, spices like turmeric, safflower, annatto, saffron, and some sort of meat. People also like to add a lot of butter to the dish so that it is properly steamed and crispy from the outside. People in Iran also like to popularly call it rice cake.