7 Types Of Lychee You Must Try This Summer
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Summer season is just hitting India and with its emergence, comes to market all the popular seasonal fruits and veggies, one of the popular summer fruits is lychee. Along with its taste, flavours and texture, it has enormous health benefits too. But did you know that in the world, lychees are harvested in various regions and each of them has its own individual flavour profile and texture?

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Originating from the subtropical regions of Asia, particularly China, lychee (or litchi) has traversed continents and cultures, earning a cherished place in culinary traditions around the globe. Each type offers its own distinct characteristics, from subtle variations in flavour to differences in texture and appearance. 

Ha Kip Lychee

Ha Kip lychees, a tropical delight revered for their exceptional sweetness and aroma, are a must-try this summer. Originating from South Florida, these luscious fruits boast a distinctive floral fragrance with hints of rose and honey. Their succulent flesh, encased in a rough, red peel, offers a juicy burst of flavour, reminiscent of grape and pear, with a subtle tanginess. Ha Kip lychees stand out for their refreshing texture and unparalleled taste, making them a refreshing treat for the warmer months.

Bengal Lychee

Bengal Lychee is a variety of lychee that is widely popular in India and its succulent flesh and burst of sweetness make this variant popular and a must-have in summer. Moreover, the size of this lychee is quite big too and with it’s thin skin and a vibrant red colour, they are easily distinguished among other variants. The tropical and floral notes present in this lychee makes it a very delicious and refreshing indulgence.

Sweet Cliff Lychee

Renowned for their slight pink peel, they reveal juicy, translucent flesh with floral undertones upon opening. Each bite bursts with succulent nectar, offering a refreshing tropical escape. Their distinct flavour profile combines notes of honey, rose, and pear, creating a delightful sensory experience. Whether enjoyed fresh, in desserts, or cocktails, Sweet Cliff Lychees promise to elevate your summer palate with their exotic charm.

Brewster Lychees

This variant was introduced to the United States from China and they are bursting with juicy pulp, these tropical gems offer a refreshing burst of flavour, combining notes of rose, pear, and grape. Their thin, rough skin encases tender flesh, making for a satisfyingly tactile experience. With a delicate balance of sweetness and acidity, Brewster lychees are a sensory treat, perfect for enjoying on hot summer days. 

Mauritius Lychee

The Mauritius Lychee boasts a tender texture, making each bite a delightful experience. Its vibrant pink-red skin conceals a juicy, translucent pulp bursting with refreshing juices. Elevate your summer palate with this tropical gem, a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess, offering a taste of paradise in every bite. This variant is popular for its succulent flesh and intoxicating aroma, this luscious fruit captivates with its distinct sweetness and floral notes.

Emperor Lychees

Their exquisite sweetness, amplified by floral undertones, entices taste buds with every juicy bite. Hailing from South Florida these are renowned for their large size and vibrant red hue, Emperor Lychees boast a succulent flesh that's both tender and refreshing. Their aroma, reminiscent of tropical paradise, evokes memories of warm breezes and sun-kissed shores.