7 Types Of Kadha To Warm Your Heart & Soul This Winter
Image Credit: Freepik

During your childhood, you must have tasted kadha once or twice from the hands of your grandparents. These kadha drinks are highly nutritional and are very effective for the flu. They also differ from taste to taste and generally have a strong kick, so it can smooth the throat down from your flu suffering. The ingredients and spices make your body warm and help you recover and avoid the flu. The taste of the kadha is unique and is concentrated in the spices. 

One can add different kinds of honey and sugar extracts to make the drink more sweet, but it is better if bitter without any sweetness to work more efficiently. Kadha drinks contain a concentration of spices that are very beneficial for our immune system. It kills all the germs in our throat and gives us the additional heat in our body to retain immunity. 

One can also add jaggery and dates to make it sweet and flavourful. Adding jaggery will not dilute the concentration of spices and maintain the kick with a hint of sweetness for people to consume it regularly. Discover seven types of kadha to try this winter for a cold. 

1. Classic Ginger-Tulsi Kadha: The comforting embrace of ginger and tulsi warms you up and works wonders against cold symptoms. Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties join forces with Tulsi's immune-boosting elements making a perfect drink. The taste of Tulsi is very kicky, and the ginger spices in the drink make it very bitter. Although the drink is bitter, the taste is very refreshing when a person with flu drinks it. It gives a feeling of clearance and relief.

2. Cinnamon-Clove Kadha: If you want to try different kinds of Kada, which are tasty and very easy on the body, you can try this kadha. It helps infuse warmth and spice into your cup with cinnamon and cloves. Beyond the cosy aroma, these spices carry anti-inflammatory elements to alleviate discomfort. The drink not only feels like heaven on a cold winter day but is also powerful and pleasant in taste, just like tea. 

3. Turmeric-Garlic Kadha: Turmeric and garlic in this potent kadha can cure your flu within days. The kadha is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties; they provide a robust defence against winter ailments. The taste is very kicking and spicy from the garlic and turmeric mix; both flavour elements are very rough and happening. You can also elevate the taste with a little bit of brown sugar or honey if it is too strong to drink. 

4. Mint-Lemon Zest Kadha: Revitalise your senses with a refreshing mint-lemon kadha. Mint's menthol clears nasal passages, while the burst of vitamin C from lemon fortifies your immune system. It is a very calm and refreshing drink with many vital elements. It can also revitalise the taste buds if lost in the flu. You can also add cinnamon powder and pepper to make it more of a punch.

5. Triphala-Echinacea Kadha: This dynamic duo supports detoxification and boosts your body's resilience against seasonal challenges. The fruits can be locally found; they can be used in a direct or powdered manner. If the taste is too strong for someone to drink, one can add honey and brown sugar to balance it. One can also dilute it with warm water. Triphala has a sour taste, which is pleasant among different spices. 

6. Honey-Chilli Kick Kadha: If you like spicy, then you must try this kadha, as it will enhance your taste buds and, at the same time, make your flu go away. Balanced with the soothing touch of honey, it provides relief and comforts your throat during winter times. Add saffron pieces to the boiling water to elevate the drink and infuse it with the ultimate trio. The sweetness of saffron and honey, with a chilli kick, can make the flu vanish instantly. 

7. Basil-Black Pepper Kadha: Basil and black pepper in a kadha are great for respiratory well-being. This blend offers relief from congestion and promotes overall respiratory health. The taste is also very kicking and nutritional at the same time. You can also add lemon juice to elevate the taste. Basil has properties similar to Tulsi; hence, it can be very beneficial to add in your kadha.