7 Types Of Falooda To Welcome Summer Season With

Falooda is a fascinating South Asian delicacy known for its wonderful flavours and textures. It has milk, vermicelli noodles, basil, and flavoured milk syrup; it is typically served with ice cream or kulfi. The delicate and natural flavoured syrup rounds out the vermicelli's unique chewiness. Topped with some basil (sabja) seeds and different toppings like dry fruits and jellies.

The ice cream forms a refreshing touch. It results in a creamy texture: chewy, creamy and sweet, that's absolutely mouthwatering. The main idea behind Falooda is to create a combination of tasty and attractive elements that usually appeal to many people from different ethnic backgrounds. Such things make it more desirable.

Here is the list of different types of falooda that you must try:

1. Traditional Rose Falooda: 

Rose falooda is one of the most tasty and delightful dishes. Indulging in a delicious dessert made of vermicelli, basil seeds, and rose syrup definitely gives additional pleasure to it. Along with Rosewater, the crunchy fry fruits add nuttiness to the dessert. When soaked in water, those basil seeds become like jelly infused in the dish. The steps begin by cooking the vermicelli and soaking the basil seeds before proceeding. Top with lots of scoops of ice cream to proclaim the creation of inventive flavours and unique artistic techniques. The outcome is a combination of a masterpiece of art and the most flavoured. 

Video Credit: YouTube/ Hebbars Kitchen

2. Chocolate Falooda: 

The texture of the layer of chocolate syrup, the ice cream, and the chewiness of vermicelli blend excellently with each other. Firstly, cook the noodles and let them cool down before you can proceed further. Place the vermicelli in the pudding layer, top with chocolate milk and basil seeds steeped in chocolate syrup, and you are ready to serve the falooda. Finish the dish with chocolate crumbs or almonds for a garnish and a scoop of chocolate ice cream as a topping. Look forward, Chocoholics, to the chocolate fudge of an unimaginable taste that one may not fathom.

3. Dry Fruit Falooda: 

The flavourful dry fruit falooda is a mouthwatering dessert which is rich in flavour and a textural variety. The ingredients include rose syrup, vermicelli, and basil seeds, creating its base. Incorporate finely chopped dried fruits such as cashews, raisins, and almonds to generate a tantalising crunch. This drink consists of a nutty and creamy falooda topped with vanilla ice cream. The topping of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, soaked raisins, etc., enhances the flavour of the dessert. As the ingredients are layered when preparing, the dessert turns tasty and appealing from various points of perspective, and this is especially true for a sweet tooth.

4. Kulfi Falooda: 

The kulfi falooda, of course, is an absolute dessert that fascinates everyone with its rich taste and changing textures. This version of a standard kulfi, dry fruits and vermicelli combo is a sweet and creamy goodness with a crunchy edge and a chewy aroma. The preparation is made of stacking kulfi cubes, cooked vermicelli, and a mixture of small chopped nuts. First, the shredded strands of rose are placed at the bottom of the glass, which is then topped with rose syrup. Dry fruit strands are then added as garnishing. 

5. Thandai Falooda: 

A delicious fusion dessert, thandai falooda combines the richness of falooda with the traditional flavours of thandai. Rose syrup, vermicelli, and milk to prepare the base, while the thandai mix adds saffron, almonds, and aromatic spices. This mixture produces a fragrant and sweet flavour that is accentuated by the kulfi or ice cream. The combination of crunchy nuts, chewy vermicelli, and creamy milk creates a harmonious mouthfeel. To make this refreshing and decadent delicacy, mix the thandai mix with milk, spread it over the falooda components, and top with nuts.

6. Kesar Falooda: 

Saffron's royal flavour, in a united effort, adds to the blend of sweet and aromatic flavours which comprise the taste. It has a very yummy, and no doubt, an “all-time-favourite” consistency made up of the creaminess of ice cream, juiciness of basil seeds and sweetness of vermicelli. To prepare these, first combine them with your favourite ice cream, soaked basil seeds, and cooked vermicelli. Top it off with chopped nuts or a syrup similar to saffron as garnishes. It is the result of the efforts of the entire production process that ultimately deserves to be tasted to the fullest potential that saffron can provide.

7. Rabri Falooda: 

The taste and texture of Rabri Falooda are enhanced by the richness of flavour and the rabri, therefore resulting in a really palatable dessert. It will be ready when you are ready. Place vermicelli, rabri, and soaked basil in the stack, too. The rabri is like a dessert: a sweetened condensed milk mashed with saffron and cardamom, the star of the show. This creamy curd, with its well-balanced nature, gives a very rich, silk-like texture to the dish. This can be served with some dry fruits topped with some saffron.