7 Traditional Holi Dishes From Bihar And Jharkhand
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In India, festivals are not just celebratory occasions but carry deep traditional and religious meanings. The whole family also gets the opportunity to come together and devour delicious food while celebrating the festival with the customary practices. Holi is one such festival whose preparations start weeks before its actual date. 

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This year Holi is going to be celebrated on 25nd March 2024. It is the festival of colours in India where people like to put gulal on each other and enjoy delicious food. Since India is a diverse country, Holi inevitably has regional variations. In different parts of the country, people like to celebrate this festival with their traditional food. In this article, one will find the traditional Holi, specific dishes and desserts that are cooked in Bihar and Jharkhand.

* Kathal Ki Sabzi

Kathal ki Sabzi which is a delicious sabzi made from jackfruit is consumed as a main course during the occasion of Holi in many parts of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is traditionally served with kachoris and malpuas on the occasion of Holi. People in Bihar like to make this dish extremely spicy and tantalising. Jackfruit in India is considered meat for vegetarians as it has a very similar texture to chicken when it is cooked properly. It is a custom in many traditional households in Bihar as well as Jharkhand to have this dish and Holi is considered incomplete without it.

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* Shakarpare

Shakarpare are small and crispy sugar-coated snacks that are consumed during the Holi season in Bihar and Jharkhand. These are desi versions of biscuits and are consumed as munching snacks during the evening time. People like to eat the snacks after they are done with playing Holi and have taken their baths. In north India, shakar para is also known by the name of Tosha. These are generally made with jaggery or white sugar. The one made with jaggery has a brown colour and the one made with white sugar has a white colour. The snakes are served in the evening during abeer gulal while singing colloquial bhajans and songs. 

* Kela Ka Pua

Many people think that malpua is the only version of Indian pancake. However, this is a misconception as India is filled with a lot of exotic recipes of pancakes. One such pancake recipe that is cooked in Bihar, and Jharkhand on the occasion of Holi is called Kele Ka Pua. This is a cult favourite dish among kids as it has a velvety texture and is deliciously sweet. It is made by mashing some bananas, flour,  milk, and sugar syrup together to make small pancakes that are topped with some dry fruits. This is a sweet delicacy that is made on the day of Holi especially.

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* Pedukiya

It is next to impossible to imagine wholly without eating pedukiya in Bihar and Jharkhand. In the northern part of India and a lot of other parts of the country, pedukiya is famously called gujia. It is a crispy snack that has a crunchy shell on the outside and a mouth-melting mixture made of dry fruits and khoya on the inside. The outer shell is generally made from all-purpose flour. People in Bihar and Jharkhand love to eat this sweet dish specifically on the occasion of Holi. Now this custom has also become pretty prevalent in other parts of the country as well.

* Dhuska

Dhuska is another speciality from Jharkhand that is specially prepared on the occasion of Holi. It is prepared by grinding basmati rice with dal. A thick paste is prepared by adding some water and spices. These are then deep fried in some hot oil and served with delicious aloo ki sabji. People in Bihar and Jharkhand also like to make the special dish on the occasion of Durga Puja. This is generally served as a prasad in pujas and rituals done just before starting the celebrations. People in Bihar and Jharkhand wake up early in the morning to prepare dhuska on the day of Holi.

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* Arsa Roti 

Arsa Roti is a special dish from Jharkhand that is cooked exclusively on special occasions and festivals. This dish is made from jaggery, rice flour, and ghee. It has a beautiful brown colour that resembles doughnuts. It is generally kept moist and cooked in small disc shapes. The jaggery helps in adding a subtle flavour of sweetness. The dish is extremely soft in terms of texture. It is a tradition in a lot of households in Jharkhand to cook a special dish on the occasion of Holi.