7 Tips To Make Atta Biscuits At Home
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Most people in India have profound memories of Atta biscuits from their childhood. These biscuits have been one of the favourite snacks of children for decades. Today even though there are so many types of biscuits and cookies available in the market, Atta biscuits are still one of the most popular biscuits in India. These biscuits have a very gooey taste and are a lot more digestible and healthier as compared to other maida biscuits available in the market. 

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These biscuits are considered as a safer option for the consumption of children and they are generally allowed to eat Atta biscuits as much as they want. The taste of these biscuits is further enhanced if they are eaten with a cup of tea or milk. They almost tastes like a dessert once they are dipped in some tea or milk. Most people like to buy these biscuits from the bakery. But it is also quite easy to make these biscuits at home. Here are some tips to make the most delicious Atta biscuits at home.

* Good Quality Atta/ Wheat

Since Atta biscuits are primarily made from wheat, it is necessary to choose the best quality of wheat. One should go for using a premium brand of wheat flour or buy it from a source that they know sells great quality wheat flour. The quality of wheat that is used to make these cookies is going to determine their texture as well as their taste. Also using fresh butter and good-quality sugar becomes very important. Using some cardamon can also give a very flavourful aroma and taste to these biscuits.

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* Mixing Ingredients

Proper mixing of ingredients is also quite important. The butter and sugar should be properly blended with the help of a whisker or a blender until it forms a fluffy mixture. Using a good blender or a whisker will help in incorporating a good amount of air into the mixture. It also gives a very light texture to the biscuits and does not make them heavy to eat and digest. One must properly whisk butter and sugar for 10 to 15 minutes to get the best results.

* Make The Dough Properly 

The dough of these biscuits has to be made gently without the pressure of palms. It is very important to not apply a lot of pressure while making the dough for the biscuits as it becomes overdone. One has to knead a very soft dough with the help of their fingertips. Only mix the dough until all the ingredients present in the dough get mixed properly. While kneading the dough, keep on adding some dry wheat flour to fix the consistency of the dough. 

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* Let The Dough Rest

It is very important to let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes after it has been kneaded properly. The door should be wrapped in some butter paper or silk clothes and should be left to rest in a corner. Thirty minutes will be enough for the dough to become more firm and ready. This step is important as it ensures that the dough doesn't spread too much during the process of baking and the biscuits get the desired shape. 

* Correct Temperature

Just like other types of biscuits, the importance of the right temperature while baking Atta biscuits is also indispensable. The oven must be preheated to 170°C. The small pieces of biscuits must be placed gently on a tray and kept inside the oven. These biscuits should be baked at the same temperature for at least ten minutes or until they become golden brown from the outside. One must keep checking the biscuits through the oven window to see if they have been cooked properly or not. A lot of times over-baked biscuits can become very hard whereas under-baked biscuits give the taste of raw ingredients. 

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* Cooling Biscuits 

It is very important to give enough time for biscuits to cool down and settle after they have been taken out of the microwave. The biscuits shouldn't be served instantly after they have been freshly baked. This is because the biscuits are quite fragile and they should be given some time to retain their firmness. Letting the biscuits rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes will not lead to any breakages. After 10 to 15 minutes, one may serve these biscuits to their guests and enjoy them as per their preference.