7 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Cool In Summer

One of the hardest parts of the summer season is cooking in a burning (burning because of heat, steam from food, and an enclosed space) kitchen. Your room might be at 35°C or even 25°C and below if you turn on the air conditioner or cooler, but the kitchen feels above 45°C. Even when you are not cooking, the space seems to be boiling.

Hence, you need to opt for a few methods to keep the space cool and prevent your health from being hampered by the extreme environmental conditions. If you continue to work in a boiling kitchen, you are most likely to suffer from heat stroke. Follow these tips to keep your kitchen cool in the hot and humid weather.

Use Small Appliances

Do you know that big appliances like ovens radiate heat when you switch them on? This is how it cooks your food. If possible, you should use smaller appliances like a toaster, slow cooker, or even a microwave for cooking dishes. They are energy efficient and radiate less heat. Thus, it will help you maintain the temperature of the kitchen.

Use Countertop Appliance

Panini presses, electric griddles, and air fryers are better options than using a grilling device. They cook the meal faster without producing a large amount of heat. Hence, if you want to make a sandwich or fry frozen French fries, use your air fryer. Not only will you be saving electricity and gas, but the dish will be healthier since it will be free from oil.

Use Portable Fans

Though you cannot install a fan or an AC in the kitchen (for obvious reasons), you can use portable fans. Place them strategically so that they do not blow on the flame but help you improve air circulation in the enclosed space. An oscillating fan can help you distribute cool air around the kitchen and maintain its temperature so that you do not feel like you have taken a second bath in your sweat while cooking. 

Cook Lighter Meals

Instead of cooking heavy meals that require tons of hard work and multiple appliances for cooking, you can opt for lighter meals. For example, a one-pot rice dish, bottle gourd curry with steamed rice, khichdi, rice bowls, sandwiches, wraps, etc. are easy to cook. You will not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and you can prepare a meal for your family in under half an hour or one.

Ventilate Properly

Open windows and chimneys in the kitchen when you are cooking. It will prevent the heat from trapping inside the space and allow the steam to escape quickly. Moreover, the breeze from the outside will help to maintain the temperature of the kitchen. It will also remove any foul odour and keep the space smelling fresh.

Cook During Cool Hours

Instead of cooking in the afternoon, you should cook during cool hours. For example, while you are preparing breakfast, cook lunch as well. In the morning, the temperature is comparatively cooler than after 12 pm. Similarly, cook late in the evening when the temperature outside starts getting cool again. It will help you prepare meals with less hassle.

Stay Hydrated

This is not a tip for maintaining the temperature in the kitchen but to keep a check on your health. Drinking water or beverages while cooking will help you replenish the electrolytes that you lose while sweating. It will help you avoid not just heat stroke but also its symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, and more. 

Close Blinds

During afternoons, keep the blinds or curtains in the kitchen closed. You should also keep windows closed as well. At this hour of the day, the air is warmer, and it can get trapped inside an enclosed space such as your kitchen. Keeping windows closed and curtains drawn helps to prevent direct sunlight and heatwave from boiling up the space.