7 Tips On How To Make Pasta From Scratch
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Home-made pasta is not just a healthy choice but also offers room for one to explore one's creative endeavours. From the outside, it may seem like a very intermediating process, but it is easier than it may look. The code to make the best pasta at home is to follow every part of the recipe properly. People often tend to mess up with proportions, thinking that they don't play an important role. However, every step that is written in a particular recipe has a reason behind it. 

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One can only attain a desirable texture and taste if one can completely follow the recipe. But sometimes, even if one follows a recipe from head to toe, they're not able to get the desired results. In this case, here are seven tips and tricks that one must adhere to while making pasta at home.

* Get The Ingredients In Right Proportion

To make pasta from scratch, one needs only four simple ingredients. This includes eggs, flour, olive oil, and salt. It is important to stick to proper proportions while using all these ingredients. There are a lot of times one might come across a recipe that demands adding wheat semolina to the flour to make it better in terms of handling. However, one doesn't need to incorporate this extra step if they're able to add all the essential ingredients precisely.

* Using Hands

While there are a lot of tools that might assist a person while making pasta and mixing the dough for it, it is always better to make the best use of one's hand. People want to follow a no-hand policy while making pasta at home to ensure better hygiene. But this impacts the consistency of the dough. To maintain proper hygiene, one can wash their hands and even wear culinary gloves if they want. But using one's hands to make pasta dough is always preferable.

* Rest The Dough

It is very important to let the pasta dough rest for some time before making pasta out of it. The dough should be properly covered with a kitchen towel or cellophane paper. Leaving the dough open to rest is not a good idea at all. Cellophane paper is the perfect choice for covering the pasta door. The pasta dough should be covered properly with cellophane paper and kept aside in a cool place. Avoid keeping it in the refrigerator, as room temperature always works better.

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* Glass Bottle For Shaping Pasta

Although there are a lot of professional machines available these days that can be used to shape pasta, it is always safer to use a glass bottle. One can give their pasta the desirable shape by using a glass bottle. It helps in spreading the dough evenly and also makes it easier to spread. Also, the dough doesn't stick to the glass, so there is no mess. Making pasta at home doesn't mean one has to spend a lot of money. It can be easily made by whatever is already available at home.

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* Extra Flour

While shaping the pasta dough into pasta pieces, one can always make use of some extra flour to give it a form sheet and consistency. Many people believe that adding extra flour will give the dough a bad texture. However, one has to add some extra flour to the dough for it to stay thin and firm. Every time the pasta starts sticking to the glass bottle, one must add a little bit of flour on each of the sides.

* Drying the Pasta

One has to be extremely careful while drying the pasta. One must only let the pasta dry naturally. If there is a shortage of time, then one may use a kitchen towel to dry the pasta. A lot of times, people keep the pasta under a fan or use a hair dryer to dry it. This spoils the overall taste and texture of the pasta and gives it an unlikeable consistency.

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* Homemade Look

It is important to keep in mind that homemade pasta is never going to look as good as store-bought pasta. Even if the shape of one's pasta is not perfect, it always helps in giving an extra character to the dish. It is hard to crack the code of making the perfect pasta on the first try. One gets better with every try, so it is important to remain patient. The home-made pasta is always a healthier choice, so even if it doesn't look perfect, it is better for one's health.