7 Tips And Tricks To Stay Cool In The Kitchen While Cooking
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Cooking is a therapy for many people. Witnessing different ingredients coming together to make something beautiful and delicious is a delight to watch. However, in summer, the high temperature and direct heat play spoilsport to this.

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This makes the process of cooking food seem like torture and one has a hard time cooking food that is delicious to eat. Before cooking becomes an obligation, a person needs to make sure that their kitchen has the right and favourable temperature. There are a lot of smart hacks that can help a person stay cool in the kitchen without much effort. Let's have a look at some of them.

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* Use A Microwave 

Instead of using a gas stove for cooking food, it is always better to go for a microwave. A gas stove emits direct heat which is not very easy to tolerate. This makes a person more susceptible to feeling hot and sweaty. However, a microwave is a more compact and summer-friendly way of cooking food. Neither does it emit any heat on the outside or cause any irritation. The best part is that one can always fix the timer and stay out of the kitchen. The microwave is not going to burn the food even if the person is not present in the kitchen.

* Use Induction 

Using induction rather than using a traditional gas stove is also a great alternative to cooking food without using any heat. The best part about induction is that it is portable. Someone can put it in any part of the house and simply cook food. The right way to use an induction stove is to keep it in a slightly cooler place in the house and cook food there. Just like microwaves, one can also fix a timer with induction and go on doing their work while the food is being cooked.

* Don't Use Too Many Lights

Using too many lights in the kitchen can be one of the reasons why the temperature of the kitchen is very high. These days people like to add a lot of yellow lighting in their house that can spike the mercury levels in the house. So the right way to go about this is to avoid using as many extra lights as one can. A person should only try to use the bare minimum or the extremely important lights in the kitchen. This will help in keeping the space cooler naturally.

* Have Lots Of Plants

Adding a lot of plants in the kitchen is also going to make a wonderful difference. Not only is it doable from an aesthetic perspective, but also adding small plants near kitchen windows is going to automatically bring down the temperature of the kitchen. A lot of plants also help in absorbing harmful gases from the atmosphere and making the air cleaner. However, one must make sure that these plans are kept far from any direct source of heat.

* Have A Good Quality Chimney

Many people doubt the functionality of a chimney and believe that it is only useful for giving a modern touch to the kitchen. However, installing a good and functional chimney may sound like a big investment in the beginning, but it is surely worth every penny that one is going to spend. The chimney is going to instantly take all the vapours and gas released from the cooked food as it is directly installed above the kitchen stove. This will prevent the gases and vapours from spreading in different parts of the kitchen.

* Have Favourable Cooking Hours

Cooking food is a lot easier when it is done early in the morning when the temperature is low. Similarly, cooking food in the evening or later at night is also pretty doable and one doesn't have an extremely tough time. On the other hand, when one decides to cook in the afternoon, it can be a nightmare. So in summer, it is always more efficient to decide on cooking hours beforehand which makes the job easier.

* Windows And Exhaust Fan

Nothing beats the kind of effect that natural ventilation has in a kitchen or any other part of the house. One must have a lot of windows in the kitchen. This helps in letting the stored air and gases pass away and gives way for more air to come inside. An exhaust fan can be switched on during the process of cooking and after the food is cooked. This fan will help in taking out the layer of hot air present in the kitchen very quickly.