7 Tea Infused Cocktails To Try This Summer
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Tea is one thing that is present in all cultures and is widely consumed around the world. Most people are already acquainted with the concept of drinking tea on its own. But an interesting way to drink tea is by making a concoction of tea and alcohol. This may sound like an aloof concept to many, but people will be surprised to know that this concept dates back to the 17th century. It was very famous in many European countries and in fact, it was the colonial trade that led to the rise of tea cocktails.

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Tea on its own is quite refreshing and complete. But when it's mixed with alcohol, the amalgamation of two ingredients brings together a symphony of resplendence and flavours that are unmatched. Here are some tea cocktail ideas that you should try this season.

* Earl Grey Martini

The Earl Grey martini is a type of martini that is created by using a potent Earl Grey tea along with sour gin. This combination is popular in a lot of famous party places and there is also a very strong flavour of lemon juice present in this drink. If one wants to make this cocktail in the most traditional way possible then one should add some egg white and simple syrup in the martini. It is refreshing, light, and has an appropriate amount of alcohol to give the right start to a party.

* Chai Fizz Tea

There is indeed nothing really like chai and the comfort that it gives to the mind and the body. But it is not practically possible to drink hot chai during summer. To solve this problem, one can make this rejuvenating chai fizz tea at home. It is simply made by making a syrup of some spiced tea and putting it in a shaker with lemon juice, egg, white and some gin. To infuse an even more effervescent texture, one must top the mixture with some soda. If one doesn't want to add soda then they can also add some fruit juice.

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* Ginger Rabbit

A ginger rabbit is a drink that gives a similar look to that of a whiskey. However, it is a delicious cocktail that has citrusy and subtle tea flavours. To make this cocktail at home, one should use some star anise and infuse the pulp of this fruit with some black tea. This mixture has to be muddled with fresh gingers and then some bourbon. It is refreshing, rich, and extremely luxurious as a drink.

* Green Tea Highball

A green tea highball is one of the most popular Japanese cocktails of all time. It is a classic twist to the herbaceous Japanese drinks that are very popular in the country. One can take any herbal tea or even lemongrass and brew it in water. This brewed water has to be cooled down and then added in equal quantities of whiskey and soda. It is an extremely easy-to-make cocktail recipe.

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* Chit Cha Today

Chit cha is a cocktail that draws its inspiration from the age-old and traditional Chinese tea ceremony. This drink is made by taking some freshly brewed oolong tea and mixing it with some whiskey. Other ingredients that are added include lemon juice, ginger syrup, benedictine, and some honey. This creates a medley of beautiful flavours that can be a great way to immunise the body from the weather changes.

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* 14 Hour Ahead

For all the matcha fans out there, this is the perfect way to include matcha tea to make a flavourful cocktail. One simply needs to take a cocktail shaker and add ingredients like lemon, lime juice and some gin to the mixture. Honey and some heavy cream can also be added to give it the right amount of sweetness. Now the shaker has to be shaken back and forth until everything comes together harmoniously. This holistic drink is bright, robust, and highly caffeinated. It is perfect for people who are feeling a little down and want to have something that uplifts their mood.

* Scarlet Glow

Scarlet Glow gets its name from the glowy red colour that this drink has. It is made by using ingredients like grapefruits, chartreuse, and pisco. These are the only three ingredients that one would need to make this appetising drink. It is an unexpectedly complex mixture of various condiments. However, despite the random use of ingredients, there is a sense of synchronisation in the ingredients and the best part is the hue of this drink that attracts a person even from a significant distance.