7 Spectacular Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper
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Indians are popular throughout the world for eating spicy food. Indian food is multilayered and filled with a lot of strong spices. One of the most common spices used in Indian cuisine is Cayenne pepper. Varieties of cayenne pepper are grown in a lot of tropical and subtropical regions of the country. The word cayenne is taken from the Cayenne region of French Guinea. It is consumed in different forms that include powdered, dried, fresh, and canned, depending upon the dish. It is grown in India, Africa, Mexico and the US. Historically speaking, the whole world got to know about Cayenne pepper because of Spanish and Portuguese travellers who carried it from South America where it was originally cultivated. 

Let us now look at some benefits of consuming Cayenne pepper or Lal Mirch. 

* Detox Properties 

Many of you might not know, but cayenne pepper has detoxifying properties that help stimulate the circulatory system of the body. Having this with a glass of warm water and some fresh lemon juice in the morning can instantly detoxify the body of any unwanted agents. It also helps in increasing the temperature of the body and may improve metabolism. Another benefit of having some cayenne pepper early in the morning is that it may also contribute towards the regulation of blood sugar levels.

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* May Prevent Cancer

Cayenne pepper may also help in killing potential cancer cells in the body. In a research done by the IIT, Madras, it has been found that red chilli has the power to kill cancer cells in the body because of its excessive heat. The same study found that the compound present in Cayenne pepper called capsaicin can be used in making anti-cancer drugs that may include injections or pills as effective remedies to treat cancer.

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* Helps With Digestion 

Cayenne pepper may also help in digesting food properly as it stimulates the production of a lot of gastric juices and other enzymes in our digestive tract that can lead to better digestion in the body. It may also help in soothing problems related to intestinal gas. A little amount of cayenne pepper everyday in our food is healthy for our metabolic system. Not only does it keep your body warm from the inside but may also eat better digestion if consumed in proper quantity.

* Antibacterial Properties 

Cayenne pepper also has antibacterial properties because of its hot tendency. It can provide relief to your body in case you have an upset stomach or are suffering from problems like ulcers. It may also act as a shield against external allergies and may reduce your migraine attacks. The red chilli powder is also helpful in maintaining an equilibrium in our stomach by making sure that our pH balance is proper and there is no growth of unnecessary microbes in our stomach.

* Helps With Cold

Consumption of Cayenne pepper can also raise the temperature in our body and it helps in decongesting our chest and nose. Thus it can give us instant relief to our cold and flu. You can just sprinkle some Cheyenne pepper on the top of your soup or stew to get maximum benefits out of this paper. Also because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can act as a natural painkiller for your body. It is also used as an important part in the production of a lot of pain relieving creams and ointments.

* Good For Heart

These days heart attacks have become extremely common. One of the major reasons for heart attack among people is blocked. Blood vessels. Cayenne pepper is not only useful in helping regulate the blood pressure levels in our body, but it can also prevent any kind of unnecessary clotting of the blood. It is important to consume Cayenne pepper in optimal quantities regularly to witness significant changes in your body. Small changes like sprinkling, some cayenne pepper in almost all your meals will reap results in the longer run.

These are some top benefits of consuming Cayenne pepper regularly. Always remember that excess of anything is bad. Just because cayenne pepper has so many health benefits doesn't mean that overconsumption of this spice may give you results faster. It is always optimal to consume Cayenne pepper in small quantities, but consistently to get desirable results