7 Soya Chunks Snacks To Fuel Your Late-Night Study Sessions
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Soya chunks are a perfect source of protein for those who follow a plant-based diet. It is packed with all nine essential amino acids that help in building up protein and support the body's function and growth. Being filled with several nutrients and antioxidants, soya chunks satisfy hunger with just a small portion. Therefore it is light on the stomach and gets digested without causing any disruptions.

When you are in the mood to eat something satisfying during the night while working or studying, soya chunks can be a perfect hunger buster for you. The spongy texture and mild flavours are a perfect fit for any type of recipe you want to make with them. From crunchy bites to savoury stir fry, the versatility of soya chunks helps in transforming them into various amazing recipes.

Make these delicious soya chunks snacks for late-night cravings and satisfy yourself while giving your body a health boost.

7 Snacks With Soya Chunks For Late-Night

1) Soya Chunks Stir Fry

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This recipe takes about 15 minutes to come together. Starting with boiling soya chunks and squeezing the water out, the nuggets then are stir-fried in a saucy base along with chipped onions, chilli, garlic, tomato, cumin and other spices. Add some ketchup to enhance the taste and seasonings and eat it immediately.

2) Soya Chaap Fries

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If you have ready-made soya chaap in your fridge, you can easily use it to make some crispy chaap fries for the night. Otherwise, you can make your own chaap by mixing ground soya chunks with flour, making a dough and swirling its strips on ice cream sticks and then boiling these strips. It takes approximately 10 minutes to make soya chaap from scratch this way.

3) Soya Chunks Tater Tots

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Boiled grated soya chunks have a doughy texture that allows to create many shapes out of it. One such recipe you can make with it is tater tots. Just mix up some flour, seasonings, coriander leaves, chillies, onion, and garlic in the grated soya chunks. Make a dough and divide it into small balls, and then deep fry or air fry them till crispy golden.

4) Soya Chunks Air Fry Cutlets

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Another recipe with grated soya chunks is these crispy cutlets. Just make a mixture of dough like above and create cylindrical shapes with it. Coat with slurry and breadcrumbs, or you can even use vermicelli, and deep fry or air fry them to make it crispy good.

5) Soya Chunks Popcorn

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Boiled soya chunks can make a perfect savoury popcorn recipe. For this you need to coat the squeezed soya chunks with seasoned besan flour. After that, just deep fry or air fry these balls until they become golden crispy. These popcorn are crispy from outside and very chewy from inside, giving a satisfying feeling.

6) Soya 65

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If you want to make your soya popcorn more extravagant, take the recipe one step ahead by making soya 65. All you have to do is add more spices to the flour mixture you're using to coat your soya chunks. And after that, create a saucy gravy with ketchup, soy sauce and seasonings. Then coat your crispy soya chunks with this sauce and you're done.

7) Soya Chunks Tikki

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Soya chunks tikki can be a useful snack that you can eat like a burger, sandwich or as it is. Make a mixture of grated soya chunks with spices and veggies, form a dough by adding some corn flour, make small tikkis, coat with breadcrumbs and fry or bake to golden perfection.

When you're feeling hungry tonight, look for soya chunks in your pantry and make these delightful snack recipes. You can make it healthier by using no-oil cooking methods or you can lose yourself in indulgence by using traditional deep frying methods too.