7 Smart And Essential Storage Tips For A Spacious Kitchen
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Whether cooking a quick meal for yourself or a lavish feast for guests, the kitchen is the centre of the house. However, you can be making one or more storage errors if your kitchen is disorganised and you have trouble managing the space. Clutter may make a room look smaller overall, in addition to making it harder to find stuff.

This is often the situation when all of your kitchen equipment is stacked high on your countertops and cupboards. In such a case, you'll have to discover some creative ways to expand your kitchen's footprint without adding a room extension.

Arranging your kitchen in an organised manner also helps in making your cooking easier, as you will end up having all the daily cooking ingredients nearby since they must be placed there with proper planning and thought. Not only that but having only the required equipment on the countertop would also help in saving time, as you can cook porridge on the burner while turning on the kettle for your morning tea or coffee.

Additionally, organising your kitchen can have a big impact on how big a compact area looks. Therefore, if you want to create a more functional and laid-back atmosphere in the kitchen, here are some essential storage tips that you should follow.

Going Vertical Instead Of Horizontal

Try making use of the vertical space in your kitchen if it's lacking in horizontal dimensions. Install cupboards and shelves that reach the ceiling in place of filling your kitchen surface with cookware and supplies. Drawer space can be freed up by hanging pots, pans, and other utensils on wall-mounted racks. Consider purchasing magnetic wall-mounted strips for knives, spoons, and other metal utensils.

Organise And Optimise Your Pantry

Organise your pantry basics to maximise the amount of space you have. A full pantry results in a lot of things going underutilised, which feeds the vicious cycle of making further purchases. To ensure that unnecessary things, such as expired and stale products and items you received as a gift that you don't need, aren't taking up valuable shelf space. Also, check the expiration dates on your cereals and dry goods.

Get A Kitchen Cart

A kitchen cart can provide you with more counter and storage space in a tiny kitchen. You can choose a kitchen cart that matches the style and décor of your kitchen by choosing from a variety of sizes and designs. Additionally, they are movable, so you can take them wherever necessary for preparing your meal.

Install Open Shelves

Include open shelves in the layout of your kitchen. They not only make the room feel airy and spacious, but they also make frequently used objects easily accessible. Stock these shelves with eye-catching cookbooks, ornamental items, or often-used spices and kitchen tools. But watch out for keeping them neat and preventing congestion.

Use Cabinet Doors

Attach hooks or racks to the inside of cabinet doors to take advantage of their space. To create more drawer space, hang measuring cups, oven mitts, or commonly used utensils from these hooks. Additionally, to keep knives and other metal utensils within reach while conserving important drawer or tabletop space, use magnetic strips or pegboards on bare wall surfaces.

Invest In An Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Cutting boards that hang over the sink are a terrific way to expand your kitchen's counter area. For people who require extra room to prepare their meals or have small kitchens, these come in handy. They are a useful and practical addition to any kitchen because they are also simple to remove and clean. They make it easy to prepare meals or cut veggies because they fit over the sink.

Declutter Regularly

A little kitchen can quickly become overrun by clutter. Examine your kitchen supplies regularly and get rid of everything that is not required or often utilised. Things that are damaged, duplicated, or just taking up precious space should be donated or thrown away. To create a tidy and useful workstation, keep counters free of extra equipment.