10 Savoury Oats Dishes For Breakfast: Cheela To Tikki
Image Credit: Oats tikki is a healthy and delicious dish | Unsplash

The sun rises, casting a warm glow over the world, and with it comes the promise of a brand new day. But amidst this change, what remains constant are our food habits and patterns, which sometimes become boring. Every once in a while, we need to change our breakfast menu so that every morning actually brings something new for us. And if you are stuck with several recipes for sweet oatmeal, let’s shake that up with some delicious savoury ones.

The magic of savoury oats lies not just in their wholesome nature but in their remarkable ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and take many forms. From chilla to khichdi, there are so many dishes waiting to be explored. And the plus point with oats is that they are super healthy for the body. Here are seven such delicious savoury oatmeal dishes you must try out.

Oats Tikki


We begin our list with a twist on a beloved Indian snack. The humble oats take centre stage as they join forces with boiled potatoes and spices to create oat tikki. These golden delights are crispy on the outside and soft within, leaving a trail of warmth with every bite. They are health and taste, both combined in tiny little cutlets.

Oats Khichdi

Khichdi, the ultimate comfort food in Indian cuisine, undergoes a modern makeover with the addition of oats. This version maintains the soul-soothing quality of the traditional dish while infusing it with the health benefits of oats. A mix of lentils, vegetables, ghee, and garam masala, oats khichdi is a must-try, easy-to-make breakfast dish.

Vegan Oat Omelette

The familiar omelette takes a plant-based turn in the form of an oat vegan omelette. Chickpea flour and oats can be mixed to create a batter that transforms into a delicate omelette that is rich in protein and packed with seasonal vegetables of your choice. This dish exemplifies how oats can seamlessly adapt to new and innovative dishes while being super healthy.

Masala Oats

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Are we really Indians if we do not add a spicy dish to the mix? Masala oats take you on a journey of bold flavours and spice heaven. A bowl of oats mixed with spices, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves, and served with some coriander leaves on top sounds like the perfect breakfast! It’s a celebration of the senses that's as nourishing as it is exciting.

Oats Dhokla

A healthy twist on the Gujarati favourite, replace chicckpea flour with oats flour and make this version of the dish. Use the same steaming method and add a mustard, red chilli and curry leaf tadka. The kids are sure to fall in love with this creative experiment of yours!

Savoury Oats Porridge

Sometimes, it’s the simplest creations that hold the most allure. Oat porridge, a canvas of simplicity, becomes a hearty breakfast option with a twist. Cooked to creamy perfection with a milk and cheese sauce, season it with oregano, pepper, and chilli flakes to enjoy this dish that is ready in no time.

Oats Cheela

Is it a pancake, or is it just the healthiest version of Desi cheela that you can have? Whatever the answer, oat cheela is an amazing breakfast option. This Indian pancake takes on a new identity with the addition of oats and scrambled paneer as its stuffing. This is a dish that can be a regular for those who want to have a protein-rich, wholesome breakfast.

Cheesy Garlic Oats

Indulgence knows no boundaries, and this dish is a testament to that truth. In this dish, we have a bowl of oats, first cooked with the beautiful aroma of golden brown, roasted garlic, and then enriched with cheese. Wholesome, comforting, and filling—this can be a regular on the breakfast menu.

Oats Upma

Another delicious option is to make oats upma. This dish replaces sooji with oats and hence, is healthier in comparison. The texture, taste and flavour of the dish remains the same, while providing you with sustained energy throughout the day. Enjoy the dish with sambar and coconut chutney.

Oats Poha

Poha is a beloved Indian breakfast dish, and you can create a healthier version by using oats. In a pan, heat oil and sauté mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped onions, and green chilies. Add oats and turmeric, and then mix in chopped vegetables. Cook until the oats are well-cooked and the flavours are infused. Enjoy this warm, nutritious poha dish.