7 Sandwiches For Late-Night: Wholesome Recipes To Satisfy Hunger
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Sandwiches are a healthy and convenient option for a satisfying treat any time of the day. They can also be a great hunger buster at night when your cravings call. The balance of proteins and wholesome ingredients is perfect for satisfying hunger pangs and keeping you full for a long time. 

Sandwiches can also be a perfect recipe to use up the leftovers from dinner. To make eating sandwich sandwiches at night even better, make sure to keep two things in mind: use whole wheat bread and low-calorie veggies. This makes them light on the stomach and easy to digest, which won't disrupt sleep.

Using only low-calorie veggies does not limit your choices. Vegetables like lettuce, kale, carrots, potatoes, onions, and spinach are all low in calories and can create a wholesome late-night snack. Plus, you can include a bunch of different dressings like Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, chilli oil, and a dash of lemon juice to add some flavours. Try these delicious and easy-to-make sandwich recipes and boost your health while fueling your hunger.

Make These Healthy Sandwiches For Late Night

1) Potato Sandwich

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Potato sandwich is an all-time cult favourite for many. The mashed potatoes mixed with warming spices and refreshing herbs create a wholesome recipe to make the stomach feel content. You can pair it with your favourite dips or ketchup.

2) Spinach Grilled Sandwich with Parmesan

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Spinach is the best source of nutrients and is a low-calorie vegetable that helps in aiding sleep. Just mix blanched spinach with parmesan and mayonnaise and create a smooth mixture. Season it with spices and salt, fill it with bread slices, and grill it from both sides to make it crispy.

3) Stir Fried Vegetable Sandwich

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Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and lettuce can combine to make a healthy sandwich with various nutrients. Just grate all the veggies and cook it well, along with spices. Fill this with bread slices and make yourself a perfect flavourful meal.

4) Paneer Sandwich

Paneer is a protein-filled snack that makes a delightful late-night meal. You can use paneer slices to make a flavorful sandwich and add your favourite spices for extra flavour. Also, don't forget to mix some fresh herbs to make it even more delicious.

5) Kale Avocado Sandwich

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Kale and Avocado are excellent late-night snack companions. They are low in calories and can create a perfect snack. Pair these two veggies together and create a creamy blend, then season it with spices and herbs and fill it with bread slices.

6) Zucchini Garlic Sandwich

The nutrients in zucchini aid in the secretion of happy hormones that help in winding the body down. Create an indulging late-night treat with zucchini and garlic and get instant relief from yearning at night. You can stir-fry grated zucchini or also eat it raw for more flavour.

7) Egg Sandwich

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Eggs are a great source of protein and also sleep-inducing hormones, which makes them a perfect option for late-night sandwiches. You can make a creamy egg scramble or a sunny side up with some seasoning. There are many ways to cook eggs for your sandwich.

Try these delicious and wholesome sandwich recipes for the night and satisfy your hunger pangs. These recipes are easy to make and come out delicious in no time. You can also try your own variations and let the flavours show their magic.