7 Reasons Why Everyone Must Add Himalayan Garlic To Their Diet
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Himalayan Garlic is popularly also known by the name of ‘Himalayan Single Clove Garlic’. This variety of garlic is naturally grown in the Himalayas and is considered highly nutritious as well as beneficial for health. As per a study published in the journal Molecules, published in 2022, Himalayan garlic is often considered a purified form of garlic. In fact, in ancient times this garlic was used by a lot of mountaineers for curing health ailments while going on tracks and also detoxifying their bodies. 

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It is believed that Himalayan garlic can instantly level up energy levels in the body and can provide strength to the body in extreme weather. It also comes with a lot of other promising health benefits. The taste of Himalayan garlic is a bit pungent, and from the outside, it has a creamy white colour. Here are the top reasons why Himalayan garlic is a must-have for everyone

* Good For Immunity 

Himalayan garlic is a natural herb that has been used in the mountains for medicinal and health purposes for a long time. It has remained a secret for the people of the mountains, but now the rest of the world is getting to know about its health benefits. It is a potent herb that has a dynamic nutritional profile. The majority of Himalayan garlic consists of a lot of water and carbohydrates. People in the hills have been consuming it for a very long time to provide immunity to the body during the time of extreme winters. 

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* Helps with inflammation 

Garlic is considered an effective herb in reducing inflammation in the stomach. Himalayan garlic, which is one of the many varieties of garlic, is also equally beneficial in reducing stomach information. Himalayan garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, and the regular consumption of this herb can be life-changing for a person's health. Having a little bit of garlic regularly is very beneficial for one's health.

* Good For Digestion 

Himalayan garlic, or Kashmiri mountain garlic, has been consumed by the local people of the area where it is grown for many years as they believe that this garlic helps stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. The native people of hilly areas make Himalayan garlic a part of almost all dishes because of its good anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. It may also help people with digestive problems like constipation or acid reflux.

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* Detoxification 

Many people like having a single clove of garlic regularly early in the morning as it flushes out harmful toxins from the body. Since garlic is available in so many different varieties, one may choose any of these as per their taste preference. Himalayan garlic is a great choice for people who like strong, garlicky flavours.

* Garlic Dips

Himalayan garlic is an exquisite variety of garlic that can be used in the preparation of different types of dips and sauces. Garlic dips have become extremely popular over the years because of their bold flavours and the way that they can complement simple dishes and bread. Himalayan garlic is the perfect choice to make a garlic dip if one wants it to have a strong and bold taste. Since it is also power-packed with a lot of health benefits, it is a good choice for someone who wants to strike a balance between flavours and health. Combining Himalayan garlic with some lemon juice, herbs, and chilli flakes is going to give the best possible taste.

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* Garlic Butter

Another efficacious way of using Himalayan garlic is to make delicious garlic butter out of it. Garlic butter is a popular spread that is used to make garlic bread and pizzas and is even added to dishes like pasta and lasagna. It instantly changes the way a particular dish tastes and is one of the best additions one can make to a particular dish. Himalayan garlic, which has such bold flavours can be added in some yellow butter to make a flavourful spread.

* Curries 

Very often, people believe that vegetarian curries are a lot less flavourful than non-vegetarian curries. But one can skilfully make a vegetarian curry delicious by using the proper combination of ingredients that enhance the taste of a particular dish. Himalayan garlic can be added to simple curries to transform them into a very special dish. This way one doesn't have to use a lot of ingredients to make a dish taste good.