7 Oatmeal Snack Recipes Beyond Porridge To Try
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Oats have always been a quintessential meal for healthy rituals. The soluble fibre in oatmeal is known to lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels. And since it's easily digestible, it promotes weight loss and healthy gut bacteria.

But oftentimes, eating oats can be quite mundane after you get only one standard sweet flavour in them. Sure, you can try making fruit porridge or eating it with Greek yoghurt; the sweetness still never goes away. And it can be less appealing when you're not in the mood for something sweet.

Luckily, oats are versatile and can be made in thousands of different ways. Its neutral flavour can be perfect for making some savoury snacks for evening wind-downs or late-night binges. From crunchy oat mathri to satisfying dosa, know what more you can make with oats for a change of flavour.

7 Oat Snack Recipes You Must Try

1) Oatmeal Salty Nibbles

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This snack is an unusual delight to try. To start off the recipe, oats are first mixed in warm butter with a little water to create a coarse mixture. Then beaten eggs go in and it is whisked to create a thick paste and seasoned with salt and pepper along with baking powder. The paste is then piped into small droplets on a lined baking tray and baked golden. The result is a crunchy and delicious snack that you can't stop eating.

2) Savoury Baked Oats

This recipe is made in a casserole and involves the goodness of veggies along with oats. First, the vegetables are sauteed with oats in some butter, then mixed with a whisked egg mixture made with eggs, flour, milk and baking soda. The mixture is seasoned with herbs and salt and then transferred to a baking casserole lined with butter. Then it is covered with cheese and baked to perfection.

3) Oats Mathri

For a crunchy and healthy teatime treat, this oatmeal mathri is a perfect recipe. Featuring the goodness of oats in the form of crunchy biscuits, this mathri gives a healthy twist to traditional mathris and tastes twice as good.

4) Oats Chiwda

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Chiwda is perfect for any occasion. Whether you pair it with your meals or eat it on its own, it always tastes wonderful. Giving a healthy twist to traditional chiwda, this oats chiwda gives a satisfying feeling with a wholesome flavour and mixes perfectly with a variety of spices and ingredients.

5) Savoury Oat Muffins

For a healthy meal, oat muffins can be your go-to snack. Their muffins are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, and they are loaded with delicious veggies and spices. With a small grab-and-go size, you can also eat these muffins late at night on the bed when you're craving a snack.

6) Oat Omelette

Infusing the healthy goodness of oats into an omelette, this oats omelette can be a delightful breakfast as well as a late-night snack. To get a perfectly soft texture, you need to let the oats sit in the beaten eggs before frying them in the pan. Add your favourite veggies or herbs for more flavour.

7) Instant Oats Dosa

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Roasted oats, ground to a fine powder, can be a perfect supplement for your instant dosa. You can mix this powder with rice flour or with rava to make a perfect crispy dosa batter in no time. Make sure to keep the consistency very runny to help it cook perfectly.

Oats can be more than just an ingredient for porridge. These recipes completely transform the way you look at oats. Make sure to give them a try when you're in need of a healthy and satisfying snack.